love to forever share



Till now I embrace so much love I get

Till today I talk to myself nothing I shall regret

The emotions I feel right now are something I’ve held deep inside my heart for so very long

I want to believe they are there for a reason and they will develop into something strong.

But you know when sometimes the feeling you adore

is something you should just ignore

Because what you have, others don’t necessarily have their own

Love they built and memories they filled should perhaps be far thrown

So that they don’t fall..the spirit they lose will be boost up to break the wall

They might want to feel the love I feel , perhaps they might need to make it not so real

They might want to kiss someone we wanna kiss

But perhaps it reminds them of someone they really miss..

I smile for my loves still stay; yet it hurts them to remind of their glum yesterday

The day when people they love were softly taken away..

Now I believe love doesn’t need noise to flower one another

It can be in silence to feel it together

It’s meant to share and to renew love they lost forever

It isn’t yet an end. I’ll give u hope so you can really mend.

tomyamfan; nov 10th 2010
words of condolence



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