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blues of a kampOng girl

This poor kampung girl who first reached Kuala Lumpur to further her studies in an international university had  a seat in her room thinking of what she’s going to do in 2 years time in the big city. she heard of people talking about ice-skating at the Mines.. (sorry,isn’t it at Sunway?) well,  it was what she first heard :p  People talked about how near Genting Highland is from the university.. but this poor girl sat still, knowing not where to go and what to have.

After 2 years, she completed the studies in the international university and she left the uni with mixed feelings. She knew she will miss those things she had gone through in 2 years time – the place, the people, the animals, the cars, the roads, the buildings, the trains, the food, and the memories she created. She left KL and she knew she would miss it for many reasons.

Now this poor girl is at her hometown trying to recall those moments. She did not have much outing with the friends, she didn’t go for food hunting around KL as much as other people did, she missed Matta Fair every year, she never reached ICT at Shah Alam. Most of the time she spent her days in the room. The farthest she managed to go was……….  (she has no idea)

But she remembered the moments and she missed them. those little things that happened to count her days in KL were the things that she missed the most. the highways- which she learned to speed on the road, the toll – which she learned to use Touch N Go, the traffic jam- where she learned to curse, the bumps in UIA- she learned to be patient, the limited parking lot – which she spent hundreds of Ringgit for summons..and… the trains- which she learned to memorize each station :D

This kampong girl loves all those moments. 2 years in KL, particularly in IIUM taught her a lot.

She could still remember few weeks before she finished the semester when she received cards of wedding invitation from the teslmates. It was a great moment knowing the fact that we have grown up.  we’ll be getting married and will soon hold the responsibilities. 5 years back, all were acting like small children stalking and talking randomly about boys. today most of us are moving into being a wife and a mother. how great to witness all these.. it’s just like observing your sisters growing up and now it’s time to let them go and live their own life.. nothing valuable more than having prayer for them all dear sisters :)

On purpose, this kampong girl will continue her journey- a year more to go with the studies. Nothing special about her life yet she’s grateful for she’s surrounded by wonderful people that  make her life vastly great. Thank you people.. thank you for the moment you shared with me and thank you for the lessons you often taught me :)  I’m stepping forward with better hope everyday. thanks! :)



My bestie Fadhilah is the one who helps me most living life in KL. dealing with a kampong girl, she bears with it :)

The s0-called Madame in the gang – Pn. Wanie, she cheers us up with her jokes. that includes all :P




tomyamfan; Blues of a kampOng girl
April,17 2011


It’s not freak anymore when something you really believe to happen, does happen.. it’s like when you believe something turns bad because your left eye is constantly blinking..

I wonder, is that to do with fact, or it’s about believing? contrary to popular belief, i think it might be as such for our mind is properly trained to identify mental process that accompanies feelings. it somehow urges our motivation to send signals that something may happen as we feel it true. things become just possible when we believe.

It’s still fresh in mind how i managed to sprint fast in a 100-metre sprint test (when i was in primary school) because i was told that the drink we’re served before the sprint was added some juice which contains chemical liquid that enables girls becoming powerful like boys. and i won the second place, in spite of how slow i was before!  yet for reality, nothing was added in the water except for syrup cordial and some ice..

It is how psychology plays in our nerves. when we feel something to become strongly true, even the most unexpected part is possible to happen. just like when we send a prayer, we find that it’s soon answered. not because it is accidental, but the slowest voice in our heart helps to motivate us; because we believe..

Psychology adjures mind to hold the circumstances, while belief lets them happen. just like when u believe you’re going to be loaded with money when your right palm feels itchy. it happens, because you believe so..and your slowest voice prays for it too =)

Most of the time, it’s psychology that manipulates our living such beautiful way..



tomyamfan; psychology;- when she was just being psychoed.
Jan 31st, 2011

if we let the coin twist..

Once in a while it’s  natural to laugh or to tell funny stories when we actually feel like falling tears. there comes certain period when we have so many time to ignore our current feeling because at the first place we intend to fight against that.. no one bothers to go for despair at all time.

It is simply because when things go wrong, discouragement and defeat often follow to urge the battle..the battle of feelings, forcing people to give up hope. oftentimes we solely let fate decide what awaits us in the future without contributing to demand our own fate..

People said, we might lose something once we decide to go for something else – because we cant never have two for the best,unless the other one is less valuable. that is decision making. we give up something to get something else. so people, never hesitate to decide, to reach one particular point. even if we let the coin twist,sooner it stops and show up at one side. thats it.

Choose where we want to be, work when everything’s ready..

Just when things go wrong,build up the courage.. there in those moments it gives us chance to step back and see wonderful things around us. go stick to the fight whenever we’re in the hardest hit (because) it’s when life seems worse, that’s the time we must not quit.


(when things go wrong at my side,i choose to write. even when writing, i doubt myself if i manage to act out what i wrote. but its cool to write down and let words do the thinking)…
tomyamfan;she talks about life~
Vol 7, Sept 6th 2010

why is six afraid of seven?

Why is six afraid of seven?

~because 7 8 9..

~seven was hungry so seven ‘ate’ nine! (7,8,9!)

Huu..its a joke told by Roberto Benigni, an Italian comedian in one of his films. well i dont know,, i love this kind of joke..atleast its a pleasure to read it out and have a good time testing other people,and enjoy them :)

For i think english riddles and jokes are really fun to play at as the riddles dont only serve u laughter but it contains knowledge you should fairly discover..its all about playing with words and meaning. seriously,,its fun to learn riddles and jokes created by English for u may not be feeling like wasting time or causing u silly-being when reading. i tell u,,its kinda a beautiful feeling when u are left alone with nothing but an internet connection for u to get chance googling those riddles~

Here are some that i enjoyed reading most..


Question: Why did the boy eat his homework?
Answer: His teacher said it was a piece of cake!
(The teacher meant that the homework is easy.  Got you!)


Question: What 11-letter English word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?
Answer: “Incorrectly”!


Question: I am a band but I don’t play any music – what am I?

Answer: A rubber band


Question: What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?
Answer: A jeweler sells watches but a jailer watches cells!



“The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place.”

Answer: The letter ‘e’

A matter of fact is, its an amusement of learning English.. im merely into thought that its not enough for me to just prepare my future students with solid grammar knowledge, or when i think im good enough at teaching them writing or even have them score well in monthly test..but the idea is to come out with great ways of bringing them to the world of learning English.. aint it cool to see them enjoy the learning process? and..the riddles themselves?…i do :)

Here comes my two cents- exposing children to English riddles could be a fresh significant rally of getting them love English~ Hopefully it works~

westerners VS asians

(Reblog from Hanzahar‘s)

The issue attracts me best and it gets me to think whether Malaysians are like those common Asians. are we?


These pictures may be just a generalization, but I think some of them really reflect the culture and way of life in the two different ethnic groups.

Elderly westerners: When old, there's snoopy for companionship. Elderly asians: There's always grandson for company

Westerners: When elderly, there’s the opportunity to enjoy, take it easy and walk the dog after dinner
Asians: When elderly, no chance to enjoy the sunset after dinner because have to take care of grandson, send him for tuition, piano lesson, tennis lesson, calligraphy lesson, and then tuck him to bed to be awake at 5am the next morning

Picture 16

Westerners: One great meal a day suffices.
Asians: Live to eat. Live to eat. Live to eat.

Picture 15

Westerners: No problem being individualistic.
Asians: No chance you’ll catch me having meals or taking the bus home alone!

Picture 13

Westerners: Conflict resolution means confidently approaching and solving problems
Asians: Siam problems at all cost, best never to be involved but be kaypoh

Picture 12

Westerners: Population density 2.84people/km2. I can have East coast beach all to myself!
Asians: Population density of 6,814people/km2 and counting. Talk about 1 million visitors at Tampines One, still want to add foreign talent!

Picture 11

Westerners: Orderly and organized queues
Asians: Queue, what queue?

Picture 10

Westerners: Cc only the related person
Asians: Cc and Bcc everyone, even the janitor and tea lady

Picture 9

Westerners: I am angry and it shows on my face.
Asians: I am angry but my face shows a smile, but the smile hide dagger (笑里藏刀)

Picture 8

Westerners: Direct & straight to the point
Asians: 啊公讲故.

Picture 7

Westerners: Love healthy, low cost Asian cuisine
Asians: Love western cuisine, even if they’re expensive

Picture 6

Westerners: Always on time
Asians: Just in time

Picture 5

Westerners: Boss is ‘one of us’
Asians: Boss is god. god is boss.

Picture 4

Westerners: Travel to enjoy, and get immersed in the culture and scenery
Asians: Travel to take pictures. Enjoying the scenery is secondary.

Picture 3

Westerners: Parents don’t need to depend on their kids when they’re old.
Asians: Parents better hope their kids don’t put them in an old folks home, or ship them to Johor Bahru because elderly homes are cheaper.

Picture 1

Westerners before: Drive cars. Now: Cycle for environmental reasons
Asians before: Cycle because no money. Now: Drive because of convenience.



are Malaysians ready to admit? or the statements above are just a statement?..


yet a serene trick..

sylvia plath

I would never be able to leave my significant stories exactly to be written here. some even asked me how i can manage writing constantly.  to be honest not managing or dealing with it was never an option.  they were experiences that i went through myself to pursue something that made my thoughts work properly, and i could never lie to myself if i got into that way.  but i just put them into words not really in exact condition.

i believe anyone could write, but the trick is finding a way that helps your privacy not to be abused; something that you are passionate about but would give people motivation.

i lack this skill. i wish to improve for better~


(tomyamfan; doing reflection)

an open window to Ramadhan

Greeting to the readers,,

I’ll make my post short this time for i got to rush packing in my stuffs. before shutting down the tabs Alhamdulillah i got chance to log in to my Tumblr; the first update there was a post by Nura, a convert to Islam from America. it is nice to get to know her since the day she first converted, knowing less about Islam till the day she is today.  she did a lot i know, even to hide these and those from her mom but lucky she is..she got brothers and sisters of Muslim around the world who’re willing to make things easier for her. (i even owed her a hijab) insyaAllah Sis, a promise made not to be broken ;p

She doesnt find it an undetected ailment,instead being redha would help..

Here goes  her latest post. its heart-wrenching~

Alhamdulillah. My blogs have been getting responses like this, but I don’t see what all of you are seeing. In my eyes I’m a pitiful, humbled servant of Allah. I know that I am no where near the Muslim I should be. However, when I get responses like this, and see that I am encouraging others, I feel wonderful. When I make Dua, and before I blog I ask that Allah bless my words and speak to others. I feel like he does this for me. Others always see things about me that I never realize. It’s wonderful to hear that you want to study your Qur’an and please, don’t take your Muslim family for granted. Please. Whenever I’m fasting and my mom is offering me food, I wish she was Muslim. When I’m struggling to put together modest outfits, I wish that my mom was Muslim. When I am praying, I wish that I had someone to pray with me. Above all, I wish that I had a family to share the beauty of Ramadan with. I pray that Allah opens your eyes to the blessing it is to have a Muslim family. Please, appreciate it.


To Nura, there are always beautiful things we cant even realise until the day we really do open the eyes and see how fair Allah has been to His ‘abd (servants). for every misfortune that befalls you, just be willing to be YOU – a true lover of Allah~ :)