aS you are


when i open my eyes
those left are all lies
even the sea, it dries
and the sky suddenly cries

that lonely night i just go out
i jump,i run, and i shout
they say that im too proud
but you come,and we laugh aloud

through the moonlight i see your face
it’s cool,full of grace
you told me life is juz like a race
with courage we start a single pace

when i said im a loser
you said no, its not yet over
as long as we move closer
we’r bout to be the winner

you wake up,holding tight my hand
and show me how to be grand
now i think im wiling to mend
to be as strong as you are, my friend…



*original version – dedicated to rezza
*2nd ed.           – dedicated to lil bro, fashli

etieySelf – verse of Modesty

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