a talking SouL


let me be lost somewhere
so that it wud be fair
not for these tears to share
but the pain for i’ve 2 leave u there

the pain dat i feel
it does hurt my gill
2 myself someone pls kill
for i think i could no longer climb up the hill

but world pls wory not
i shall b ok, i thot
for dis is not the dot..

as my heart u touch
n for words that sometymes may b rough
it juz taught me how 2 b tough
and to fake laugh
but dear i was happy,do trust
cuz i thot dis tyme it wont last
true love dat i found very fast..

2 hve such the ending
i noe its me,for leaving
sumhow im thinking of waiting
but no, there’s no more hoping

if the memories are sins shudnt b thought
juz leave them to a love court
2 forget u of cos i will not
my pray 4 u, may u always b on top

dis poor verse, its not my fingers tat writing
but a lonely soul who’s talking
n a wounded heart who’s telling
a story which is bit confusing…

let me go away even for a mile
its not long, just for a while
so dat wen i come bck perhaps in july
again, i’ll b able 2 smile….


*etieySelf – verse of modesty


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  1. Posted by filzah on May 21, 2010 at 16:55


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