They asked me how well a married life goes

It has been about 10  months. i become a wife at the age of 23 and it’s such a quick answer to my prayer i shall say. it’s never a plan to make a move this fast yet this is what is set for me i believe. the story began since i was born and it traveled chapters by chapters with different live events happening apparently to me until it reaches the chapter when i am married – to a man who first showed up as a stranger :p

In any relationship, everyone is convinced with love, promises, care and protection – so that’s what i get too. i’m promised to be loved perfectly, to be taken care enough and to be protected every minute of life.  but to simply accept promises is not an easy doing indeed. there shall always be doubts here or somewhere in heart because we don’t wish to get hurt silently. that’s why i always had conversation with myself (before marriage) asking how im gonna survive living as a wife bringing about my imperfections. i was too worried.

Gladly, today i find marriage is not a place to condemn  imperfection. rather it pushes you to show what you’re weak at so that the imperfection helps you to be you. everyday without realising i present a weak part of me,my imperfections,my weaknesses – that’s how i move day by day going through d marriage. it isn’t a problem, it’s a process..

“We shall not make things complicated”, my hubs once said.  There i learn that marriage is a special space to know our spouse better because each day brings new thing for both to know each other. that’s the way love grows. as long we fulfill the obligations and sincerity is put at the first place, no way you will find marriage a mistake, nor a burden. Instead, it’s a BIG blessing that you’ll have no words to thank Allah more, for that :)


For dearest hub:-

cintaku buatmu kuukir tanpa ragu
senyumku moga jd pngubatmu
cantikku buat tatapanmu
jelikku jd ujian buatmu
lemahku ditampung oleh kuatnya imanmu
lembutku moga mghalusi jiwamu
segarku utk menyegarkanmu
sakitku diubati oleh lembut tuturmu
bila cinta benar2 kuhayati
kutemui dirimu pengubat sepi 
kerana cintaku buatmu bukan sekadar di dunia
kubawa cinta ini moga smpai ke pintu syurga..


– tomyamfan, 2012©

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