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ears are not always there

Indeed, it comes to point that life often gives us something to deal with. everytime. everyday. every moment. to be in a situation either we like or we do not, there are always stories about it. our mind is judging, our heart considers and our mouth is about to comment on it. without fail we often look for a person to tell those stories..

So there goes a pair of ears. we let the mouth talking to the ears and let them listen to the complaints, compliments, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, yell, laugh.. anything.. the status simply goes like that. when someone is meant to be the ears, there will rise a special trust and dependency in the relationship – the mouth who always has stories to tell & the ears who are never tired listening. but this is life..there are times when the ears are not there. they cant be present anymore for mouth to talk to. there are times when the ears are gone, to somewhere perhaps not so far, but they can no longer listen.

Ears are close to mouth, yet there are times they cant work with each other. when this happens, ask the emotion to stay strong whenever we feel like having something on mind to speak out but no ears are listening..ask the brain to take over the job- to control the emotion.. the ears might be back, perhaps they leave for a while to make a soul stronger, at least not to depend too much on ears so that the sense of independence slowly arises :)


tomyamfan; ears are not always there
July 3rd, 2011


Instead of constantly being a mouth, why not giving ourselves space to be the ears too~