Before You Learn to Give

If you determine to grow a flower in your soul

Have  patience in your hand and move

If the ground is hard as they put rocks in

You fluff it up and keep digging.


Before you carve out a place to reach in

You know which path is blasted to be the obstacles

When the parrot lies weak by the side of the road

You take off your shirt and give it a blanket.


Before you can feel the pleasure under a shady tree

You travel along the pathway

and lead your soul to the flow

When you see the orchids are withered

You get your drinking water and have them wet.


Till you reach your destination

and you thought you’re too wimpy to survive

You remember the parrot and the orchids who still do

because you gave them hope to live while they defy

You kept the souls living by what you have..

…so you understand before you learn to give, you learn to sacrifice.



tomyamfan; Before You Learn to Give
June 30, 2011

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