Words of Two

Words of Two

(for the younger to continue)


A long journey to go

With the glorious bubbles of the wave

A night sight of a raining sky and the rhythm made by the clave

We move to sail through a deep sea

We sit and share a single cup of tea.


The grassy boat we sail on

Is a home we build from the salty ocean and the sweet tea

For love we create is spacious, as the sea

and the moments we live are jovial, as the candy.


Those birds and the chirping sound

The ocean and the blue ground

It’s a tale we’re glad to create

A sole fantasy we both plan to serenade

The bliss we wish our juniours can feel true

A treasure we pass to them in space of two

The pure love we pour.. for the children to continue.




A wish i speak up in form of writing and i put them in row of words, so that when my wish becomes reality, and the alphabets are learnt..they read this and they understand


tomyamfan; Words of Two
April 16, 2011.

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