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It’s not freak anymore when something you really believe to happen, does happen.. it’s like when you believe something turns bad because your left eye is constantly blinking..

I wonder, is that to do with fact, or it’s about believing? contrary to popular belief, i think it might be as such for our mind is properly trained to identify mental process that accompanies feelings. it somehow urges our motivation to send signals that something may happen as we feel it true. things become just possible when we believe.

It’s still fresh in mind how i managed to sprint fast in a 100-metre sprint test (when i was in primary school) because i was told that the drink we’re served before the sprint was added some juice which contains chemical liquid that enables girls becoming powerful like boys. and i won the second place, in spite of how slow i was before!  yet for reality, nothing was added in the water except for syrup cordial and some ice..

It is how psychology plays in our nerves. when we feel something to become strongly true, even the most unexpected part is possible to happen. just like when we send a prayer, we find that it’s soon answered. not because it is accidental, but the slowest voice in our heart helps to motivate us; because we believe..

Psychology adjures mind to hold the circumstances, while belief lets them happen. just like when u believe you’re going to be loaded with money when your right palm feels itchy. it happens, because you believe so..and your slowest voice prays for it too =)

Most of the time, it’s psychology that manipulates our living such beautiful way..



tomyamfan; psychology;- when she was just being psychoed.
Jan 31st, 2011

the presence of tests

You know, when health and sickness problems come in life, it may be a test of our faith in God. we pray to Allah for the quick healing. indeed He responds to us but along the way when our prayers are answered, we are hard to thank Him in return—we ignore Him because we’re simply blinded by pleasures, and so again we have become ungrateful about the healing.

However without a doubt, every time we don’t get what we ask for, we later start to blame fate. complaints and whines are here and there at lips.. when it happens to me, oftentimes the spiritual enemies doing nothing less than to convince me that God doesn’t hear, unwilling to respond to my prayer. shall i, on my side, follow the enemies? instead i must come to thought that whenever my prayer for the quick healing is not yet answered, perhaps what i’m asking for is really not that good for me for the moment and in fact , it could perhaps harm me worse.

Even until now i keep praying for the tribulation to be less or slowly heal regardless of what i previously went through. the tests are meant to be present in any form. i only need to believe hard while praying.  we know that when Allah brings pain into our lives, He always has a reason.

Never give up praying. everything will be just okay..


tomyamfan; the presence of tests
Jan 1st, 2011 ; 4.30 pm


(sometimes it’s cool to write down what’s messy on mind. it’s such a good restart for the brain to function again)  ^__^