abilities within moderation

There have been laugh and fun. there have been mourn and cry, and curse and insult.. there have been jokes and pokes.

A first try to talk and greet..and to mingle and mix around. those time were sufficient enough allocated to build personality..the time when people were first let off to know what human are able to do.. about ability..

Personally, i’ve spent a long time discovering what im really good at.even for 22 years looking for the answer i dont think it helps me to find out. because i didnt actually discover. i went through the process of growing up accordingly to what it takes me to be, to go without really pondering on the significance and the options.

One who’s able to be IT literate exceeding the limit set, for instance, is not how i define ability. or perhaps being known all over the universe for the sayings they uttered, for the treatises they wrote, for the scientific formula they created.

Go back to the basic foundation, we can see everything is to do within limitation..thats where ability lies. i believe that moderation is set up by people who’re close to glory. they dont aim for praise and honour but the state of being moderate makes them be at the top of success.

I might stop thinking of  people’s expectation after this, but i’ll continue pondering what’s going to happen if people keep pretending that they were never told about moderation and that the Judgement day is sort of doubt..

Allah knows best. waallahu’alam~


2 responses to this post.

  1. welcome junior writer. ABY

  2. Posted by Moss on October 18, 2010 at 12:46

    glad u still write. hope u have some more gal..
    gud luck for your final exam.be ok!!!

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