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a fact we cant deny

No matter how sophisticated computers are or how great technology can be, the fact cant bring us back to the past. technology doesnt work with past time and will never do. what has passed,just passed..we cant simply turn back and say, “reset..lets do it again..”  (no,we just cant).

It’s not what we have to regret anyway- because we should never even do – at least try not to deny that what has passed has passed,,people cant turn back time.. it’s what nature promised us to be like. in fact, wishing that we can reset yesterday is such a pointless way of make-up.

Thing to bear in mind – do not be in despair. for every misfortune that befell in the past, there’s hidden message asking us to reflect, reflect, and reflect. we cant go back to the past to re-do, but there’s always room for improvement.


(Sorry for wrong things i ever did in the past – i have less ability at treating people evenly well, perhaps.. But my pray is always for you; good health,bless and long life)


tomyamfan; she talks about life~
Vol 8, Sept 23rd 2010



thank you readers and visitors

On September 8th i was informed that tomyamfan.wordpress has been listed in top 20 total sites referrers by I Read Odd Books.

Im not so sure what this statistic is for and to what extent it is all about but it drives me to kindly thank all the readers and visitors for the support and the clicks you’ve contributed to this site. its not about being rated, it is about sharing and giving. my writings might not be as informative as how other people make it,  and my thoughts might be futile to some people as well, yet the presence of this blog does bring meaning to myself. it’s first created to improve writing skill, to gather ideas and to share views with other writers;- nothing to do with showing-off or anything related to criticism.

Nicely said to the writers who are connected to mine, feel pleasant to share your views with me. im not a writer instead, im a surfer who’s fond of giving and sharing thoughts (:

Till then again, thank you readers and visitors ♥



tomyamfan; the act of appreciating~
Sept 9th 2010

if we let the coin twist..

Once in a while it’s  natural to laugh or to tell funny stories when we actually feel like falling tears. there comes certain period when we have so many time to ignore our current feeling because at the first place we intend to fight against that.. no one bothers to go for despair at all time.

It is simply because when things go wrong, discouragement and defeat often follow to urge the battle..the battle of feelings, forcing people to give up hope. oftentimes we solely let fate decide what awaits us in the future without contributing to demand our own fate..

People said, we might lose something once we decide to go for something else – because we cant never have two for the best,unless the other one is less valuable. that is decision making. we give up something to get something else. so people, never hesitate to decide, to reach one particular point. even if we let the coin twist,sooner it stops and show up at one side. thats it.

Choose where we want to be, work when everything’s ready..

Just when things go wrong,build up the courage.. there in those moments it gives us chance to step back and see wonderful things around us. go stick to the fight whenever we’re in the hardest hit (because) it’s when life seems worse, that’s the time we must not quit.


(when things go wrong at my side,i choose to write. even when writing, i doubt myself if i manage to act out what i wrote. but its cool to write down and let words do the thinking)…
tomyamfan;she talks about life~
Vol 7, Sept 6th 2010