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A Night to Fight



Everyone has night to fight..

Bestow a little gut upon the deeds of right

Feel it not through the sight, feel it not through the gill

It’s bound for hearts to only fill.

Everyone has a night to live..

A night for all worldly to cease

Some might simply leave, some might wholly miss

A night.. full of bliss~

When angels are sent coming down

When all creatures are meant to drown

Deep in the sea up to the mount

Throughout the night, prays and tears will count..

It’s to see if the night is built

A night to clear sins and guilt

For blessed believers who appear to meet.

O souls, o tinted souls

Thou seek the truth, do not snooze

Go get it, it wont make you lose

It’s there, perhaps on the seven last

It sure guides, heading to Heaven vast.



tomyamfan; she talks about life~ (and the Lailatul Qadr)
Vol 6, Aug 30th 2010
Ramadhan 20 1431H


the seed and the green of home

There goes pepatah melayu;

benih yang baik dicampak ke laut menjadi pulau

How good the seed can be? how can it be measured?  for the seed of a plant takes turn one after another to grow the way it has to grow but no one can expect how fresh it will be right then..

Same implies to human.

(For the common) there are days when parents are ready to set foot on the path of life; they play with the children and kindly gather love for them along the way. never had a thought that the way of raising children is hard for they believe it’s worth sacrificing.

As the days go on, and the weeks, and the months and years, the parents grow old while the children are well brought up and ready to leave home; for better education, for better stage of life (promising they will come back home someday)

Yes we do keep the promise well. we visit parents regularly, we go home very often, never forget to give them a call, never miss to include them in prayer.. but the very matter to ponder, are we performing  role as good as we’re expected to do… cause there are certain time when we deliberately commit something we know mothers wont like it.. or we know it had never been taught that way- faking reasons on purpose just to do what they forbid us to do (we know we’re going to tell lies anyway..)

It could be that way – how people live on.. as adults, perhaps as a growing child who carries weaknesses, not as good as we’re first raised at home. how wonderful outside world might be, the best comes from home.

Remember that Allah can meet all our needs through one simple manner – get the parents’ bless, you’ll get His bless.. =)

So lets be the benih yang baik. in case we’re thrown away to the sea, lets be the pulau~



tomyamfan; she talks about life~ (reminding herself)
Vol 5, Aug 22nd 2010

people who enjoy finer things in life..

people who enjoy finer things in life

are those who know world doesnt offer fun

people who enjoy finer things in life

are those who take to see pictures of themselves and reflect

people who enjoy finer things in life

are those who believe in prayer, perform prayer for changes..

they, by good will have found finer things in life

because they seek for them in full darkness, and believe

while you, you think you cant find them

because you wait for them to come, and disobey..

people who enjoy finer things in life

are those who believe in sacrifice and those who fear to disobey

they see the light as welcoming,

they love before it comes to the ending..



tomyamfan;she talks about life~
vol 4, Aug 16th 2010