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im gonna tell u

Im  passionate about being a teacher, about kids in school..

why? because i used to be a pupil

and those days,,

how i wanted my teachers to understand me (not to only teach)..

i knew the ABC things, i knew 1 +1 = 2

i just hardly understood why people easily got into fight,,

why those kids kept blaming me for what i didnt do..

(how i wished my teachers to explain me)

later im gonna be a teacher, so dear pupils..

im gonna tell u

that life isnt like you learn in class

life will teach u that 1+1 ≠ 2.. it can be 3, it can be 4

because people manipulate facts and truth..

and im gonna let u understand that hatred conquers heart

thats why people get into fight, because they leave behind PEACE..

the formula is, you can develop love  & peace only when u you learn to forgive~



tomyamfan; she talks about life
vol 3, July 3rd 2010