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Life will not work out beautifully if sameness is a demand we make.

things change,people change. even trees grow higher..

things will never be the same everyday, why bother hoping same things to happen? same wish to make? same goodness to appear?

people came to see u yesterday, they may leave u tomorrow

u did well today..who says u gonna do the same tomorrow?

coz things change. everything changes over time.

if sameness is a demand we make, life is goin to always disappoint us..

(adjust our expectation of living)

dont afraid of changes.. it indicates that we’re  in progress..


leave the fear, find another smile

keep your smile, walk another mile ~



tomyamfan; she talks about life
vol 2, June 28th 2010

truth speaks

be independent..

even your own feet can sometime betray~



tomyamfan;she talks about life~
vol 1, June 20th 2010

a state of writing

I once thought of quitting blogging but later i found that writing is not an action in seasons. its continuous.. it never stops because evry moment offers different life events in which we’re not offended to keep. there may come some time or once in a while we dont feel like talking, we dont feel like speaking up to tell others, or even to put on thoughts..but we feel like jotting it down.

Its cool to write.. because u can always delete, or backspace when u’re about to commit errors (its harder to deal when u slip in tongue while speaking) …and blogging is not about what your daily activities are, its about what u see in them. when u’ve just passed the moments, put on the lessons into words… when you read them yourself, its like you’re living in the moment again,,in a way that u want it to be; with lessons..


“It only happens in LIFE, where TEST comes first before LESSON”