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Thank You; or what else should i portray?

At the age of 13, i used to think i was overly protected.. i wasnt feel free to act out what i want myself to become. never was my effort to try being optimistic about what love and affection are; towards my family.. they said i made a mistake when supposedly i was the one listening to them.but i replied them, “Please,there’s no need to dwell on it“.

8 years later i realise..

The sole saying i should really portray is “a big big thank you” to all family members for the excessive protection and for not letting me do what i wished to do.or else, i may not be here instead..

When i was 13, i thought i was becoming an adult,,i mean a big head who’s no longer a child

Yet now im getting to be 22..why do i feel like im a little kid needing more protection?

because my brain starts to work rationally,telling me im always a little daughter to Mom & Dad regardless of age.

Who cares of the number?? 22,,it cant make u an adult. love does.

The more they love me, the more they protect, the more sensible i’ll be. thats the fact.


one way thinking flow

When i was a child, i was taught that its good to please everyone.
but trying to please everyone will sooner or later make u being hated
because there are some people outside who think you’re a stupid stuff trying to look for nobility
and i grow up learning that pleasing everyone is absurd.

*confusion is all there*