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for being a muslim




Because recently, Muslims are in the scattered note conveying their struggles to identify the roots of truth. some of us undergo grueling journey, full of confusion. while they’re doing good deeds, some others are ready to stare and ask why.

It’s believed that majorities and local custom blindfold Muslims outside our cell. we create excuses to obtain joy. we secretly approve what we know are wrong. the truth is there but it’s difficult to see and be sought for.

There i learn, the right path is not the easiest one to pass through.

I need to carefully understand what good and evil is, because my own understanding of morality is probably rational to make errors and mistakes. nau’zubillah..

Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says, “I am of those who bow in Islam”

its nOvember 22nd~

i seldom celebrate what people call it a BIRTHDAY,,yet still,,its my birthday.

it gonna always be a date i am grateful to;  a day where special thanks will always go to my mom for letting me be in such wonderful life i call it BLESS..

221188 – alhmdulillah Allah makes it perfect for me..

oddly enough i was just at home.its cool to act as though you’re on usual Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, or any other day..choose to be just thankful while these and those were distracting.

i dont practice celebrating,, i love it..i love when people dont make it exaggerated. enough by wishing; the date is in their mind :)

thanks to those who wished. i thank you with all heart and soul~


(im still alive for im given one more chance to live)

(and i live in motivation..from those i surround )

i forgot to open my eyes and see..


i valued a relationship based on how they acted upon me

i took attitude into account

they treated me good, i treated them better

or vice versa..


when i wake up from sitting all day long

i see

in any relationship we call it a bonding

whether its for a good reason,or bad

or nothing at all,

argument does happen..

in certain cases

whether we realize it or not

we’ve considered ourselves to be so strong.

we’ve worked to predict life without company

every single way could go fine..


with everything we’ve tried about being so egocentric,

we still break down..

despite this fact,

a night (poured with rains) has exposed my greatest weakness

of never really noticing

how valuable a relationship would be

just by forgiving

and saying sorry..

it makes me think

that affection is reachable again

no matter how deep the hurt may be

the bonding we first created

will be the most sincerest one

to end at least till soul is apart…


appreciating bondings and relationship i am in throughout my lifetime;
people i met on the street
and those who’re are in imaginations that ever existed..



why is six afraid of seven?

Why is six afraid of seven?

~because 7 8 9..

~seven was hungry so seven ‘ate’ nine! (7,8,9!)

Huu..its a joke told by Roberto Benigni, an Italian comedian in one of his films. well i dont know,, i love this kind of joke..atleast its a pleasure to read it out and have a good time testing other people,and enjoy them :)

For i think english riddles and jokes are really fun to play at as the riddles dont only serve u laughter but it contains knowledge you should fairly discover..its all about playing with words and meaning. seriously,,its fun to learn riddles and jokes created by English for u may not be feeling like wasting time or causing u silly-being when reading. i tell u,,its kinda a beautiful feeling when u are left alone with nothing but an internet connection for u to get chance googling those riddles~

Here are some that i enjoyed reading most..


Question: Why did the boy eat his homework?
Answer: His teacher said it was a piece of cake!
(The teacher meant that the homework is easy.  Got you!)


Question: What 11-letter English word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?
Answer: “Incorrectly”!


Question: I am a band but I don’t play any music – what am I?

Answer: A rubber band


Question: What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?
Answer: A jeweler sells watches but a jailer watches cells!



“The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place.”

Answer: The letter ‘e’

A matter of fact is, its an amusement of learning English.. im merely into thought that its not enough for me to just prepare my future students with solid grammar knowledge, or when i think im good enough at teaching them writing or even have them score well in monthly test..but the idea is to come out with great ways of bringing them to the world of learning English.. aint it cool to see them enjoy the learning process? and..the riddles themselves?…i do :)

Here comes my two cents- exposing children to English riddles could be a fresh significant rally of getting them love English~ Hopefully it works~