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westerners VS asians

(Reblog from Hanzahar‘s)

The issue attracts me best and it gets me to think whether Malaysians are like those common Asians. are we?


These pictures may be just a generalization, but I think some of them really reflect the culture and way of life in the two different ethnic groups.

Elderly westerners: When old, there's snoopy for companionship. Elderly asians: There's always grandson for company

Westerners: When elderly, there’s the opportunity to enjoy, take it easy and walk the dog after dinner
Asians: When elderly, no chance to enjoy the sunset after dinner because have to take care of grandson, send him for tuition, piano lesson, tennis lesson, calligraphy lesson, and then tuck him to bed to be awake at 5am the next morning

Picture 16

Westerners: One great meal a day suffices.
Asians: Live to eat. Live to eat. Live to eat.

Picture 15

Westerners: No problem being individualistic.
Asians: No chance you’ll catch me having meals or taking the bus home alone!

Picture 13

Westerners: Conflict resolution means confidently approaching and solving problems
Asians: Siam problems at all cost, best never to be involved but be kaypoh

Picture 12

Westerners: Population density 2.84people/km2. I can have East coast beach all to myself!
Asians: Population density of 6,814people/km2 and counting. Talk about 1 million visitors at Tampines One, still want to add foreign talent!

Picture 11

Westerners: Orderly and organized queues
Asians: Queue, what queue?

Picture 10

Westerners: Cc only the related person
Asians: Cc and Bcc everyone, even the janitor and tea lady

Picture 9

Westerners: I am angry and it shows on my face.
Asians: I am angry but my face shows a smile, but the smile hide dagger (笑里藏刀)

Picture 8

Westerners: Direct & straight to the point
Asians: 啊公讲故.

Picture 7

Westerners: Love healthy, low cost Asian cuisine
Asians: Love western cuisine, even if they’re expensive

Picture 6

Westerners: Always on time
Asians: Just in time

Picture 5

Westerners: Boss is ‘one of us’
Asians: Boss is god. god is boss.

Picture 4

Westerners: Travel to enjoy, and get immersed in the culture and scenery
Asians: Travel to take pictures. Enjoying the scenery is secondary.

Picture 3

Westerners: Parents don’t need to depend on their kids when they’re old.
Asians: Parents better hope their kids don’t put them in an old folks home, or ship them to Johor Bahru because elderly homes are cheaper.

Picture 1

Westerners before: Drive cars. Now: Cycle for environmental reasons
Asians before: Cycle because no money. Now: Drive because of convenience.



are Malaysians ready to admit? or the statements above are just a statement?..