an open window to Ramadhan

Greeting to the readers,,

I’ll make my post short this time for i got to rush packing in my stuffs. before shutting down the tabs Alhamdulillah i got chance to log in to my Tumblr; the first update there was a post by Nura, a convert to Islam from America. it is nice to get to know her since the day she first converted, knowing less about Islam till the day she is today.  she did a lot i know, even to hide these and those from her mom but lucky she is..she got brothers and sisters of Muslim around the world who’re willing to make things easier for her. (i even owed her a hijab) insyaAllah Sis, a promise made not to be broken ;p

She doesnt find it an undetected ailment,instead being redha would help..

Here goes  her latest post. its heart-wrenching~

Alhamdulillah. My blogs have been getting responses like this, but I don’t see what all of you are seeing. In my eyes I’m a pitiful, humbled servant of Allah. I know that I am no where near the Muslim I should be. However, when I get responses like this, and see that I am encouraging others, I feel wonderful. When I make Dua, and before I blog I ask that Allah bless my words and speak to others. I feel like he does this for me. Others always see things about me that I never realize. It’s wonderful to hear that you want to study your Qur’an and please, don’t take your Muslim family for granted. Please. Whenever I’m fasting and my mom is offering me food, I wish she was Muslim. When I’m struggling to put together modest outfits, I wish that my mom was Muslim. When I am praying, I wish that I had someone to pray with me. Above all, I wish that I had a family to share the beauty of Ramadan with. I pray that Allah opens your eyes to the blessing it is to have a Muslim family. Please, appreciate it.


To Nura, there are always beautiful things we cant even realise until the day we really do open the eyes and see how fair Allah has been to His ‘abd (servants). for every misfortune that befalls you, just be willing to be YOU – a true lover of Allah~ :)


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