accepting compliments as what..

Strolling slowly along the crowds, having a good day just like any other day.. (it was raining)

Here then came a point in mind,where sometimes in a while we do experience good things in life.

Waking up in the morning and realise that there is still one more day given, is perhaps considered a good thing we have..

But getting compliments from people,can it be considered the best thing we seek in life..?

I dare not to say anything,,just that when it comes to myself i blankly accept the compliment without having ideas to put it anywhere; neither in heart nor in mind.

(sometimes it may lead to pride, or arrogance, or anything negative..bla bla)

So somebody asked me to just accept the compliments together with the very modest ‘thank you’, bearing in mind that we do not actually thank those who say it out, but we thank Allah for everything we owe Him. as good as we are meant to be, our abilities are not strictly under our control. it may be temporary,we might lose it whenever time is concerned..


(tomyamfan,responding to Mashaallah via Tumblr)

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