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an open window to Ramadhan

Greeting to the readers,,

I’ll make my post short this time for i got to rush packing in my stuffs. before shutting down the tabs Alhamdulillah i got chance to log in to my Tumblr; the first update there was a post by Nura, a convert to Islam from America. it is nice to get to know her since the day she first converted, knowing less about Islam till the day she is today.  she did a lot i know, even to hide these and those from her mom but lucky she is..she got brothers and sisters of Muslim around the world who’re willing to make things easier for her. (i even owed her a hijab) insyaAllah Sis, a promise made not to be broken ;p

She doesnt find it an undetected ailment,instead being redha would help..

Here goes  her latest post. its heart-wrenching~

Alhamdulillah. My blogs have been getting responses like this, but I don’t see what all of you are seeing. In my eyes I’m a pitiful, humbled servant of Allah. I know that I am no where near the Muslim I should be. However, when I get responses like this, and see that I am encouraging others, I feel wonderful. When I make Dua, and before I blog I ask that Allah bless my words and speak to others. I feel like he does this for me. Others always see things about me that I never realize. It’s wonderful to hear that you want to study your Qur’an and please, don’t take your Muslim family for granted. Please. Whenever I’m fasting and my mom is offering me food, I wish she was Muslim. When I’m struggling to put together modest outfits, I wish that my mom was Muslim. When I am praying, I wish that I had someone to pray with me. Above all, I wish that I had a family to share the beauty of Ramadan with. I pray that Allah opens your eyes to the blessing it is to have a Muslim family. Please, appreciate it.


To Nura, there are always beautiful things we cant even realise until the day we really do open the eyes and see how fair Allah has been to His ‘abd (servants). for every misfortune that befalls you, just be willing to be YOU – a true lover of Allah~ :)


accepting compliments as what..

Strolling slowly along the crowds, having a good day just like any other day.. (it was raining)

Here then came a point in mind,where sometimes in a while we do experience good things in life.

Waking up in the morning and realise that there is still one more day given, is perhaps considered a good thing we have..

But getting compliments from people,can it be considered the best thing we seek in life..?

I dare not to say anything,,just that when it comes to myself i blankly accept the compliment without having ideas to put it anywhere; neither in heart nor in mind.

(sometimes it may lead to pride, or arrogance, or anything negative..bla bla)

So somebody asked me to just accept the compliments together with the very modest ‘thank you’, bearing in mind that we do not actually thank those who say it out, but we thank Allah for everything we owe Him. as good as we are meant to be, our abilities are not strictly under our control. it may be temporary,we might lose it whenever time is concerned..


(tomyamfan,responding to Mashaallah via Tumblr)

Protected: i was too emotional

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Since we all came from a woman, Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman. I wonder why we take from our women, Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time to kill for our women, Time to heal our women, be real to our women.

-2PAC, Keep Ya Head Up




I first noticed this lyric when it was posted by mahal-kita on Tumblr, but it was kind of unfortunate because i couldnt manage to listen to this song on You Tube. anyway still i think im going to proceed talking baout the lyric~

Kindly leaving out the issue about the whole lyric including the rap part, i glimpsed the truth about those particular lines (stated above) – of treating women the way world should do. its a fact that we come from a woman, from who we call Mother.

Does any of us cease violating women? or at the very least point, be aware that women are those who are sent to be the very best cardigan to you, who supposedly be treated as a piece of vulnerable glass, shuld be well taken care? and of many many things men are able to do, cant they just stop hurting women in any way? physically, mentally, emotionally…or is that a dificult thing for them to do..?

The fact that i pick this issue to be here has nothing to do with how i am now (people might say i am bias coz i used to be hurt by men) No, this is just a thought of mine,on behalf  of women outside there.. but of course this will always be a great honour to myself for im a lady =)

On this score i should say no matter how bad we’re treated, women are always blessed with a constant source of strength from God so that we are able to face pain – since the day we deliver a birth till the moment we are slowly forgotten..

(its a truth im telling you..)

~HEAL OUR you mind doing so?

because tomorrow for me is uncertain

Im not sure if i can naturally act according to my age. being 21 this year would not be as it has to be i know. i keep on searching of what people might have in mind whenever they reach 21 instead of getting freedom. i m not seeking for freedom or even to be out of laws, rules, and conditions.. i dont think i need fun and joy anymore,i mean in terms of enjoying teenage life as they do. i dont love that feeling, you know a feeling when i take a deep breath and saying out that i wont join them to do these and these.. i never mean to alienate myself from whom i call friends but situation that i am in now eventually does not support me to grow through life in a way they do.

What i am looking for is to gain as many good things as possible to help me in sailing the journey called LIFE, coz tomorrow for me is uncertain. i cannot freely stop at any port yet i am listening to Lord’s words and orders. as far as He asks me to go on the voyage, i do, and i’ll automatically stop when He asks me to stop.

So am i supposed to bring along all these joy and fun to where im heading to after death? coz Heaven is only promised to those who load up good deeds while living. and i wonder if i did well..for at most time,i forget Him while im laughing.. :(

If i died,publish this on a paper so that people would know my reasons for not joining them fooling around almost every time they ask me to.. just a human being full of snooty ideas~~i myself cant really understand…


Dear all friends, (those who know me since i was a little girl till now)

I love you, never be a time when i do not thank Allah for gifting you to me. i know i have you all my way :)