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food for journey


Again,i talk about fate and journey..perhaps i think i havent yet talked bout it in a way that can be more motivational.

(Courtesy of myTumblr)

To me the journey is, first of all, recognizing that as thoughts arise you have a choice: your mind can either follow the steps or be still, letting them arise without following them. my intention to constantly walk on the journey of life is not to replay old events, but to build thoughts. while im building those thoughts that firmly playing  in mind,the choice is for the walk to be still, and in that choice is the possibility of going through the phases.

As time passes i realise that things often go hard for me and im not sure whether i should regret that i was placed in such position. somehow there’s silent peep asking me to be as tough as those who are, but i doubt if i could ever thing im certain bout is,holding on dreams which lie in fantasy sure drives us to what they call vision. we may rally over some golden opportunities coz we’re not able to grab all yet through certain windows, the fate will put us into the best position we cud be.

Now it seems like im at a crossroads,waiting for a signal to bring me to where im supposed to be, and the signal is not so much about luck but true wisdom that i seek for an ordinary life to be as secure as possible. its not futile to wait coz they said when u are content to be patient,every single moment leads to nowhere but glory..i believe so =)


(tomyamfan; reflection on confusion)

emotion doesn’t make noise

Somehow its so tempting to hit myself on the shoulder and say, “you know – all that piece of wall are laughing at you for being afraid of those little things..”

Call me a loser, i don’t just a bit worried.. not about place where im going to stay, but how im gonna play..of new culture they’ve set themselves. will they ever listen when minority speaks?.. instead i need to get myself ready and be prepared to get shocked – if it seemed to be so..

I like the way i grew up before but they said sometimes i ought to be flexible, in sense of adapting to positive changes and carefully consider all the temptations that come on my way. hope i’ll be able to do that -reminding myself not to drift too far from my belief.

Let see, InsyaAllah after two years we’ll move off as better learners, as well, not to have any screw loose..

This time it may be difficult i guess,but the destination that awaits is something certain..

What else to do.. we face it~

it’s technology~

A friend of mine once posted the video into his Tumblr.. what first attracted me to post it into my page is the idea brought up by the presentation.. it’s technology that brings me here,to the world of blogging and to have connection with anything, including those who’re not here with me.. and the idea is..that simple! spreads like a viral inflection and it exceeds our expectations.


showing up

Its been a while since i last posted here. that was a time when i looked back at the past, checking on how far i’d walked and what did i get afterall..

Somehow its about confidence that matters. i simply went pop,reacting to those who didnt understand in a way that its not supposed to be in the first place.

I may be hurting inside and in need of healing, or i may lack the confidence required to really be present in the crowd. but i just noticed that when i wasnt really showing up, it somehow gives me the inspiration that i need to recover myself.

One thing i realised, even if  im hurt there’ll always be opportunities for me to show up to life,and be ready to fully engage in it and learn what life has to offer. i learned that when we show up for life, we’re actively participating in being a motivated person and are closer to achieving goals.. in right way it shall be.

To myself..put aside the worry,just pluck up the courage to work your aim. hold it tight =)