when black magic greets…


Living in today’s information era is not an excuse to get rid from black magic and sorcery. it even becomes livelier with the support and interest from people without relevant consideration. :evil:

Im interested to talk about black magic as it was once discussed on The Star Online this morning. it’s about how spirited Malay bomoh plays role to help folks in England, carrying out the treatment to weaken and drive out demons spirit. see?? up to western countries there lays a witchcraft resulting in chaos and damages to people.

The things is, sihir or black magic does exist, no question of modern people rejecting it. we learn about ghaib (the unseen) in Islam, and im sure this kind of spirit is successfully supported by Satan and Jins no matter in what religions it takes place. i, too used to involve in mystics events, where it was believed to have relation closely to demons spirit and honestly i tell you, it caused suffering.

The moment i felt totally weak, lying on bed for few days doing nothing and apparently lost appetite and weight, the doctor just had no idea of what disease it’s caused of. thus people  jumped into another thoughts that demons spirit has taken place. yes, it’s true.. Alhmdullilah i managed to be cured using traditional method with the help of a bomoh reciting quranic verses and so-called jampi mantera, whatsoever (performed under Allah’s will)

In this sense, im sure Allah does not permit that anyone should go for black magic to curse people. but He wills the testing of man, the purpose He has arranged this world. for every freedom He gives to men, He wants to test men. thats why practicing black magic is possible and it somehow works, but it’s not blessed.

To those who embrace Islam, lets use Quran and Hadith as our foundation. if anything we learn is not there in Quran and Hadith, go back and recheck. it must be something to be questioned..

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  1. biso post dio
    minat harry potter ko nih?
    mari2 la lwt blog kawe..

  2. takot oh takot!!

  3. Posted by tomyamfan on June 13, 2009 at 14:35

    Suratul-Baqarah, al-ayah-102:

    Mereka (membelakangkan Kitab Allah) dan mengikut ajaran-ajaran sihir yang dibacakan oleh puak-puak Syaitan dalam masa pemerintahan Nabi Sulaiman, padahal Nabi Sulaiman tidak mengamalkan sihir yang menyebabkan kekufuran itu, akan tetapi puak-puak Syaitan itulah yang kafir (dengan amalan sihirnya); kerana merekalah yang mengajarkan manusia ilmu sihir dan apa yang diturunkan kepada dua malaikat: Harut dan Marut, di negeri Babil (Babylon), sedang mereka berdua tidak mengajar seseorang pun melainkan setelah mereka menasihatinya dengan berkata: “Sesungguhnya kami ini hanyalah cubaan (untuk menguji imanmu), oleh itu janganlah engkau menjadi kafir (dengan mempelajarinya)”.

  4. Posted by najlaa fatin on June 13, 2009 at 21:29

    ety..sorry2..akak br terbc cmmnt awak kt blog..
    nape down nih?cite kat akak meh..
    u know where to find me if u got anything to share kan??will definitely lend u my shoulders if u ever need them..

  5. Posted by kerol amin on June 14, 2009 at 01:01

    kita harus kuat pertahanan
    amalkan surah2 kecil
    alam ghaib dan mahkluk halus sememangnya wujud dan kita tak boleh menidakkan.
    i.a kita dibwh lindungan Ilahi

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