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Let it be unsung

if that’s what u want to see

to those who are dying to see me fall down

to those who always get annoyed with what i did

here u get it

no more posts, no more babbles, no more silly talking

if this is what u want me to do.

if you ever mean to manipulate things and bend me to your will,

do it.

i wont blame u

for u are ‘strangers’,

i know u hardly see what i actually aim for.

thanks to those who made constant visits here

& to those who dont mind sharing thoughts

i appreciate your efforts

but for a while, let this page be dull, dreary

coz they want to see it clearly

im not giving up..

for the time being

its just the best way of reacting to people who’ll never understand.

let it be dull.empty.gloomy.



bad parenting?


On my second thought, it’s not the parent’s fault.

For any misfortune the children have, it’s a challenge given to parents.

’cause looking after children is not simple..

While the parents are trying hard to do the best for the kids,

there go the obstacles that make it harder for them.

Nails and clips, they are always on parents’ path.


When they show less care

it doesn’t mean they ignore.

Be sure,

they are kindly

praying for us in silence..

father's day


in recognition for raising me up.

::My soul wont be zero coz my father is the hero::


YOUTHOPIA – a marketplace for youth

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YOUTHOPIA – a platform for young entrepreneurs.

featuring future


When you are about to work a plan, there are no more decisions to make. sometimes having to choose requires more than conflicts that mix up in mind. ever in my life, i often wait and watch. i believe the decision will be made in its own time, so not need to rush, just let go of when, where, and what to decide.

They say when there are no decisions to make, there’s no planned future. but to me there always be plans here and there; about these and those.. just that when a thought appears that life never gets more difficult than it’s supposed to be, all my decisions are made not influenced by time. as they are all made for future, sometimes i need to take longer to decide.

Though it’s a big matter for some people, i’ve no power to assure the world that i’ll surely do good. in making decision, i may make mistake i know. i may ignore these, i may hurt those. the fact that having desire to be the best is the highest level leads to imperfection. that’s what im afraid of. i have no beauty to lay on, no special talent to show off, so i rather be in average.
(are people willing to accept imperfection then?)

It cant be denied that there’s much misery in making decision; but i can’t get out from it. therefore the best thing i can do, although in the long run, i shall find a space for myself to think and to consider.

Give me time, i’ll make it..


when black magic greets…


Living in today’s information era is not an excuse to get rid from black magic and sorcery. it even becomes livelier with the support and interest from people without relevant consideration. :evil:

Im interested to talk about black magic as it was once discussed on The Star Online this morning. it’s about how spirited Malay bomoh plays role to help folks in England, carrying out the treatment to weaken and drive out demons spirit. see?? up to western countries there lays a witchcraft resulting in chaos and damages to people.

The things is, sihir or black magic does exist, no question of modern people rejecting it. we learn about ghaib (the unseen) in Islam, and im sure this kind of spirit is successfully supported by Satan and Jins no matter in what religions it takes place. i, too used to involve in mystics events, where it was believed to have relation closely to demons spirit and honestly i tell you, it caused suffering.

The moment i felt totally weak, lying on bed for few days doing nothing and apparently lost appetite and weight, the doctor just had no idea of what disease it’s caused of. thus people  jumped into another thoughts that demons spirit has taken place. yes, it’s true.. Alhmdullilah i managed to be cured using traditional method with the help of a bomoh reciting quranic verses and so-called jampi mantera, whatsoever (performed under Allah’s will)

In this sense, im sure Allah does not permit that anyone should go for black magic to curse people. but He wills the testing of man, the purpose He has arranged this world. for every freedom He gives to men, He wants to test men. thats why practicing black magic is possible and it somehow works, but it’s not blessed.

To those who embrace Islam, lets use Quran and Hadith as our foundation. if anything we learn is not there in Quran and Hadith, go back and recheck. it must be something to be questioned..

:?: :roll: :?:

the engagement~

Last week i was off for few days attending my classmate, McWanie’s  engagement ceremony.

The ceremony went well, even much better than it was planned. Alhamdulillah..

to McWanie, congratulation!!~

We pray for your happiness and we’re waiting for your big day as well~   :D


Engagement Ceremony

Ajih & Mc Wanie

6th June 2009

Pasir Mas, Kelantan












wanie - edit 17

wanie - edit 6


wanie - edit 7





p/s: The pictures of full reception was handled by professional photographer. Ask Wanie for the album :D

awarded by NisaH


1- Copy Award Diatas Untuk Diletakkan Di Blog Anda.
2- Nyatakan 5 Fakta Menarik Tentang Si Pemberi Award Ini.
3- Nyatakan 10 Fakta Atau Hobi Diri Sendiri.
4- Anda Perlu Memilih 10 Penerima Award Seterusnya Dan Describe Tentang Mereka.
2) 5 interesting facts about Nisah
~She got a very nice short name, Anisah Ahmad =p
~ She’s mixed – malay + siamese (kn nisah?)
~ i treat her lil bro just like mine.huhu
~i know her since we were 13.
~She’s loaded wit money for sure. rob her! =)
3) 10 hobbieS/facts bout myselF

~i feel like skipping this step.
~so does it mean im breaking the rules? huu
~sry..i’ve no idea to write bout myself
~coz my life has no gripping storyline to talk about
~i did common things yesterday, i do it again today, and going to do tmorow
~no interesting facts
~so i better skip this step
~sorry nisah, i betray ur award this time :(
~but it almost reaches 10 bullets
~undeliberately, i obey the rule.hehe
4) 10 people to awaRd
~dearie May
~Leen the very cool lady
~Qieynah cun
~anybody.take it with pleasure :D
thank you nisah ~