a teacher compared to bible

(Thursday,21st of May:  The conversation with this one people ended up putting me into confusion)

Well it’s common to have people look down on teachers for not behaving well or for not mastering their subject area. but then what’s the point to blame teachers for not being alert to current issues where it’s meant to be always updated? im not here to back up myself but to clear things up that i think teachers are not supposed to be compared to bible – not talking about the holy book of Christian religion, but a bible as an informative book containing all information people often refer to (in case there’s misunderstanding)

Yess it’s better for a teacher (or a teacher-to-be) to know many many things but in my case, i think i’ve right to miss some part of knowledge since i have limitation of brain to accept all. you have no idea how i could pluck up the will to put everything in my mind. im not giving up, but it’s just hard for me.. im sure other teachers are dying to give the best they can, so do i. but im not leading like an angel and i dont claim to be so..

Neway like it or not i must accept the fact that the whole universe expect us, teachers, to know every single thing,,, including “why is Celcom call rate and Maxis call rate different, not just equal??” LOL

Welllll okay..this is perhaps my fault for not taking notes…you dont need to blame ‘all teachers’ coz i’ll take the responsibility to find this out…

(but what’s the point asking me while you’ve well known about it?..asking or testing?)


Here i tell you, im always trying hard to read up a lot, keep improving,and still doing so..just that sometimes i miss the part you know better. if being slow is what you dislike about me, then shuld i dislike you for being too advanced?? at least i work on improving all the way, not keep complaining all the day..

*bit upset*

– it somehow reminds me of a friend’s saying. just break the wall coz it’s just the wall, no wrong to have variety in abilities. for being a teacher-to-be, yes i’ve tried exploring some new things and i always want to.. (thx cikin)


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fantasia datang on May 26, 2009 at 13:54

    it shows that the person is actually looking up on u.but she doesnt show how much she impressed u

    p/s: gossip baru???

  2. Posted by kay on May 27, 2009 at 07:53

    looking at your blog…i tot u’r da most updated women~

  3. Sila lihat laman ini dan anda akan tahu betapa berharga menjadi seorang pendidik..


  4. Posted by tomyamfan on May 29, 2009 at 08:59


    gtu eh??.. ermm tatau la~ i took it easy jelaa
    gosip apekah???


    most updated..wut do u mean?
    btw thx fer ur visit here
    my pleasure 2 welcome u :)


    thx..i visited the page.yess its kinda good.thx~

  5. most updated = updated dengan isu terkini. haha

  6. Posted by tomyamfan on June 1, 2009 at 15:40


    haha.ye2 je din mat.. :P

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