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Life’s Toughest Questions

While doing light reading on Readers Digest i found a pretty queer article and im thinking of sharing it here :)

-25 Life’s Toughest Questions-


  • By what age should you know what you want to do with your life?
  • Do siblings who fight really end up liking each other?
  • When is your future behind you?
  • Do you have to love your job?
  • Can love really last a lifetime?
  • Can a marriage survive betrayal?
  • When do you know it’s time to end frendship?
  • Can a half-empty person become a half-full person?
  • Why do we turn into our parents when we swore we wouldn’t?
  • When do kids become adults?
  • Can a mother be friends with her teenage daughter?
  • Does money really buy happiness?
  • Can spenders and savers stay married?
  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • Why is it so hard to say “you’re wrong”?
  • When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t?

  • (*few questions left out)


Least to say..i don’t really agree with some of the answers given but from what i can see the writer answered the questions based on her experiences and what she’s learned. some may be absorbed for lesson, some may be not.  i, meanwhile, have my own answers for each,based on my own understanding and poor experiences.. i’m sure so do others.

Whatever response it may take i believe its not meant to be disputed since life events are beyond our ken, its too immense for an exact rigid thought. i even change my mind for the answers every time i go through it. tough enough?? no idea…

rolleyes rolleyes


A tale of a journey in vain~

There’s one girl who grew up being a country girl She knew just a little about how life shall be exactly lived therefore she sailed on the journey of life hoping that everything's coming up roses


Well.. life is not totally as how she dreamed of as time passes, people keep changing. She eventually changed somehow became better, somehow even worse.

She used to laugh all the day and she too used to run alone in the rain She wasn’t sure whether she did right in all way but then as time went by, she just kept on sailing..


Opportunities came by her life to lighten up her days.. She seemed to have the whole world of joy and bliss in her hands. She was absolutely thankful yet there're still matters never let her jump into laughter. Though she looked very happy, there’s something just hiding. Thus she went unnoticed within the crowds, and pretended to have everything okay…


She walked through a vast area of field full of flowers blossoming all the day.. .She put her eye to a good fresh one but she just left, hoping that she'd find a better one there in front. She strolled along the field leisurely until she found a flower, but poor,it's not even better than the previous one. Owhh.. she thought it was okay to leave this one, thus she continued her walk until at the end of the day she finally stopped, without having any flower in her basket.


She felt like falling tears, feelings were all mixed up. While others were having their good days with pink roses and true love they found, she just got nothing but an unfulfilled dream..


It was kind of her own fault she admitted for she knew she couldn’t genuinely go back to the past and look a little harder to what she’d left behind Till then she learned to appreciate whatever she had around, and have some time to learn better about what life truly means..


Some say life is full of butterflies that colour up the days, yet some say life may be  full of uncertain things we must beware of..


Whatever crosses people’s mind, the girl was pretty sure there must be a shimmering rainbow showing up softly after it was raining badly the whole day..


The thing is, keep praying and believe that everybody is fated with their own destiny which assured to be fairly wise in the future


Be grateful..everything will be just fine..

a teacher compared to bible

(Thursday,21st of May:  The conversation with this one people ended up putting me into confusion)

Well it’s common to have people look down on teachers for not behaving well or for not mastering their subject area. but then what’s the point to blame teachers for not being alert to current issues where it’s meant to be always updated? im not here to back up myself but to clear things up that i think teachers are not supposed to be compared to bible – not talking about the holy book of Christian religion, but a bible as an informative book containing all information people often refer to (in case there’s misunderstanding)

Yess it’s better for a teacher (or a teacher-to-be) to know many many things but in my case, i think i’ve right to miss some part of knowledge since i have limitation of brain to accept all. you have no idea how i could pluck up the will to put everything in my mind. im not giving up, but it’s just hard for me.. im sure other teachers are dying to give the best they can, so do i. but im not leading like an angel and i dont claim to be so..

Neway like it or not i must accept the fact that the whole universe expect us, teachers, to know every single thing,,, including “why is Celcom call rate and Maxis call rate different, not just equal??” LOL

Welllll okay..this is perhaps my fault for not taking notes…you dont need to blame ‘all teachers’ coz i’ll take the responsibility to find this out…

(but what’s the point asking me while you’ve well known about it?..asking or testing?)


Here i tell you, im always trying hard to read up a lot, keep improving,and still doing so..just that sometimes i miss the part you know better. if being slow is what you dislike about me, then shuld i dislike you for being too advanced?? at least i work on improving all the way, not keep complaining all the day..

*bit upset*

– it somehow reminds me of a friend’s saying. just break the wall coz it’s just the wall, no wrong to have variety in abilities. for being a teacher-to-be, yes i’ve tried exploring some new things and i always want to.. (thx cikin)

this is nonsense,i know


This rubbish kind of idea suddenly crossed my mind… of having a day of left-handedness..

Try doing all by using left hand (specially for those who’re right-handed)

Starting from the very early morning – brushing teeth, combing hair, washing car, sms texting, and up to doing everything else all using left hand (pls do not involve eating). this is crazy i know but why don’t we give it a try. at least we’ll know how things get worked when we do it not in comfort.

I heard of a common belief that suggests left-handed people are more intelligent or creative than right-handed people, and the lefties do better in artistic skills. some may agree with this, some may not.

In addition being left-handed is prevalent among babies where they often start holding the pacifier using left hand. this is only based on my observation, not experimenting.. the US president Barrack Obama is also a left-handed user what.. so now im thinking of having great time being a lefty for the whole day without causing mayhem hopefully ;p  wait and see how it’s going to be..huhu

I dont like this part when nonsense ideas technically come from me.. it seems like there’s an old lingering progress in myself. that’s why i prefer not to update or else i start to write rubbish. okek,,i better stop. but dont forget to have a try..hee


*slow typing using left fingers*  :D

One Nation, One Malaysia

myFuture Foundation, a youth-based non-profit is holding an essay writing competition for young Malaysians aged 16-26.

The theme of the essay, “One Nation, One Malaysia” – based on the dreams of Malaysian Prime Minister, hoping Malaysia to be a united country, regardless of racism.

The Contest:-

Theme : One Nation, One Malaysia

Organiser : myFuture Foundation

Open to : Malaysian aged 16-26

Categories: A & B (according to age and word limit)

Language: Both Bahasa Malaysia & English

Entries: Only email entries will be accepted

Closing date: 15th July 2009

Prizes: RM 600 – RM 1500

Further info: click HERE



Good enough for those who’re in search for ‘things-to-d0’. Now it’s time for actual writing instead of ones in blogs.

Good luck~   :D

no matter how challenging it is

I just came back from my friend’s house. dropping by to see her new born, not really new however. the lil cute baby has just reached 3 months old..  and to be suprised the mother looks like an older sister carrying her little brother in her arms. hehe. too young to be called ‘Ma’. Her first son is nearly 2 years old, if im not mistaken.

She was telling how hard it was to deliver birth, the moment my friends interviewed her these and those..and how long she waited in the operation hall..bla bla bla.. But i just listened to them wthout having guts to join the conversation. soo much in anxiety!  just cant imagine putting myself into her shoe. aaaa~

Anyway i must congratulate her for such experience she has had. at the age of 21 you just completely have a splendid family to look after which you wouldn’t care of being tired im sure. to have a husband that never minds waking up late at night for crying baby and to willingly come back home in the afternoon to see his family a little while… whoaa such a great bless u got!

It’s ok dear if you got no enough time for yourself to make up or to have less sleep at night, yet you’re now a lady who lives in concord with your own blessed family and the most significant thing, the holy heaven now lies under your feet, a credit for being a MOTHER.

So congratulation my dear! you are gifted with a good match and extremely cute healthy babies,,at what point else should you complain about? What a dream other women are seeking for…

I’m happy for you!~ :)


*the pics taken are now with May. hurry up dear upload them to ur page.cant wait to share ;P *


(edited – pictures)


Syed Mohamad Miqdad

Syed Mohamad Balian

Syed Mohamad Balian

gEtting eXcitEd :)

we're gEtting eXcitEd




good boy..he didnt cry! (note: the lady is not the mother.hehe)

she seems cant wait to have her own.heH ;p


miQdad loves camera soO much.seriously..

who's getting excited mOSt? huhu (sorry,the mother refused to take photos)

Miqdad loves camera soO much.seriously..

Miqdad loves camera soO much.shweett...

Balian finally sleeps..

Balian finally sleeps..then only we decided to go bck

after that we visited our former sChool

on our way home we dropped in our former skool SMKATJ

but we went there not see teachers,,just to take photos :P (takot lahh)

and it reminds us of good days we used to have. now we are 21,,what a journey it has been...


Whose wedding is next?…

fragrance of life

Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.

-Jimmy Durante

the mask

Take off the mask, and be yourself. People will be just fine with you :)