attitude of heart and mind


Last night i received a text through phone from somebody i know..late at night.. as  i read it,obviously it has nothing much, just a msg of approaching i guess.. but i was considering whether to reply or not to (cuz it’s already 1 in the morning). somehow my heart said ‘yes’, yet my mind said ‘no’.. it took for a while before i chose to follow my mind and as a result – i didnt reply.

Well,,there are certain time certain cases where we need to consider either one-  heart or mind. sometimes it’s no good to just follow what heart tells us to do but mind, normally acts in relevance. anyway i think heart is also good at playing its own role.. through heart we learn, through mind we consider.

Definitely, both are needed.. our love and passion in exploring life should be guided in right way no matter how complicated it is. to fully comprehend our heart and mind i bet it is good to learn through interactions with people around us and with observations of people from distance. this is what i did and presently do. in some way, i believe i do have rough idea of how heart and mind promptly works, atleast a small part of it..thus i act in accordance with what both my heart and mind say. but still,sometimes it helps, sometimes not..huhu

For the time being, i dare to say that i shouldnt listen to my heart in most conditions. heart often rebels coz it’s too sensitive to what emotion cares. so currently,my mind is more reliable to follow ;)


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  1. heart is a form of emotion while mind is a form of logical.
    that’s what people says,think carefully before u even talk.
    talk without thinking and followed what ur heart says gonna harm u at the end.

  2. Posted by najlaa on March 17, 2009 at 18:04

    owh..there’s sumthing fishy here..
    ety,got anything to tell me?
    im all here for u~

  3. Posted by tomyamfan on March 17, 2009 at 21:25

    yups..both does count.words that are said out frm heart and actions done wthout passing through mind often hurt ppl..thats wut makes it harmful..

    kak tuup:
    fishy? is it?..hehe.. im ok here..wory not :)
    btw, will hit u bck in ur blogpage 0r ym k..

  4. Heh, tepuk dada tanya iman..
    sebelum ikut hati suh akal dlu proses. hehehe.

    pasal entry coffee.
    orang french ni kalu rehat sket, terus coffee.
    aku mase praktikal aritu, 1 ari kerja 4 kali coffee.
    lening kurang sebab malas beli. mase praktikal free. ehehe.

  5. kalu kat UK, tea je memanjang.
    teringat lok mase sir leigh teabing soal robert langdon kat gate.

  6. khairi:

    1 hari keje 4 kali coffee?? huiyooo addict ke ape? hehe
    nway ade beza eh culture org french ngn UK?… hmmm..

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