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stay in unity

Dear brothers and sisters out there..

Why should you fight against each other while you are seeking for peace under one pillar? do not simply be baffled by those lies and human tampering but let’s equip ourselves with iman and the basis of muslim belief.. bickering won’t pay us anything, what more at the end of the day we just leave life behind possessing not even a single futile!~ so just stop fighting brothers and sisters. being selfish and revengeful only puts us into half-way to peace. we wont reach there.. we are now looking forward to winning and we are about to gain on it, if only we unite…

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path i choose to walk along


I am interested to talk about an article from our local tabloid newspaper,Kosmo! dated today. It’s about a teacher ( from Penang) who has been suffering mental disorder due to depression.. “Profession perguruan terdedah kepada risiko tinggi untuk mengalami tekanan mental” huhu.. kind of interesting to read yet deep inside there is a freak thought apparently crossing my mind. is teaching profession that tough???

It cant be denied there are great challenges teachers must be ready to face since long long ago up until now. what more to be a teacher in 4 years time..absolutely super duper great challenges are waiting for me front there. *anxious*

Again, i am about to go back to college..few hours left… and final exam is just around the corner. micro teaching, lesson plans, and item analysis were done so from there i learned to be a teacher. yupss, really learned. the pressure is there, definitely.but this is the path i chose to walk along. education over hundreds more courses,,,this is what fate wants me to involve in. however just like other professions, i believe there must be obstacles they need to go through. no matter how tough it is, interest and hard work may help us in facing all those. Allah knows best and the best too He gives us..

To Puan Noreha, get well soon.. your children out there are dying to have you again in school..

I’ll follow soon~  ;)

five-letter word

If there’s no more tomorrow for me…..

instead of repenting,,,

this five-letter word comes out from my soul


i am..

if i have no time to forgive nor to be forgiven…

then here goes my peep,,,


if what i did is what hurts you…

now it shall be time i say


for a person i’ve been

for things ive done

for sin ive committed

for love i betrayed

for life i rebelled

for you i’ve hurt

for rules i broke

for truth i lied

for time i’ve delayed

S.o.R.R.y~  :(

*(the moment guilt is killing her)

attitude of heart and mind


Last night i received a text through phone from somebody i know..late at night.. as  i read it,obviously it has nothing much, just a msg of approaching i guess.. but i was considering whether to reply or not to (cuz it’s already 1 in the morning). somehow my heart said ‘yes’, yet my mind said ‘no’.. it took for a while before i chose to follow my mind and as a result – i didnt reply.

Well,,there are certain time certain cases where we need to consider either one-  heart or mind. sometimes it’s no good to just follow what heart tells us to do but mind, normally acts in relevance. anyway i think heart is also good at playing its own role.. through heart we learn, through mind we consider.

Definitely, both are needed.. our love and passion in exploring life should be guided in right way no matter how complicated it is. to fully comprehend our heart and mind i bet it is good to learn through interactions with people around us and with observations of people from distance. this is what i did and presently do. in some way, i believe i do have rough idea of how heart and mind promptly works, atleast a small part of it..thus i act in accordance with what both my heart and mind say. but still,sometimes it helps, sometimes not..huhu

For the time being, i dare to say that i shouldnt listen to my heart in most conditions. heart often rebels coz it’s too sensitive to what emotion cares. so currently,my mind is more reliable to follow ;)

Are you into coffee?



Cons: (x)

1) Caffeine may aggravate osteoporosis by leaching calcium from the bones.

2) Decreases quality of sleep.

3) Many of the chemicals in coffee and decaf irritate the stomach lining causing an increase of stomach acid leading to digestive disorders.

4) Coffee, including decaf, has high amounts of vitamin K, which affects coagulability of the blood – bad for people at risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots.

Pros: (√)

1) Coffee may lower the incidence of Parkinson’s disease due to high anti-oxidant activity.

2) Caffeine increases intellectual activity when fatigued or bored.

3) Coffee may reduce the incidence of kidney stones by increasing the flow of urine and decreasing its concentration.

Do Not Drink Coffee Rules:

1) Do not drink coffee if you are pregnant or nursing.

2) Avoid coffee if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, gall stones, or a tendency for blood clots or stroke.

3) Avoid coffee if you get agitated or feel hyper or quivery inside after drinking.

4) Do not drink coffee if you feel you must have a cup to wake up and get going and then need another cup later in the day to keep going. If this is your situation then begin to wean yourself off slowly and switch to tea.

**more info – CoffeeEdited

one step closer to reality

As for myself, im glad to say that i am now satisfied with the progress of boycotting action currently done all over the world. though it is not fully done especially among muslims ourselves it still gives big impact to those products that have been boycotted.

Least to say, there are still a little argument made by certain parties about products that are claimed to support Zionist. not to mention that all western products are related to Israeli yet  we better be extra aware of their artificial statements made to let people know that they do not support Israeli what more to claim that they radically give help to injured Palestine.

what im trying to stress here is that all boycotted products have done diverse alternatives to maintain their income as well as to attract customers. from what i’ve read in, it claims that Mcdonalds in Egypt has experienced abrupt decrease of sale by 20-50%. it is possible for them to do anything so as to attract customers and the users. no wonder McDs in malacca holds on to great sale that reaches over 50% plus some free hampers for the customers.

Same goes to cosmetics product, Clinique. they tend to decrease the price and the product sale has fallen by 80 % in Malaysia. (this is from what i’ve heard ramdomly from people). what makes it better, the report made by tells that stores selling American consumer products such as cars, drinks, and foodstuffs in Gulf has lost nearly 40% of their customers due to boycott campaigns.

This is what we actually aim. to lead them to great demise which enables them to do nothing especially in sense of violence towards Islam. see? we are about to be one step closer to reality. constantly work on boycotting Israeli products and our time will come soon. InsyaAllah..  ;)

matter of elocution

maturity will fight yourself off

unless u mind your work

u watch out your words


the matter of elocution

either u’re down or u’re bounced

seriously it does count!!