bloggers’ lot in life’s paper serves me something shocking. not too shocking yet still it wrenches my heart at the first place. The Star online dated 31st Jan 2009 reports a news of a blogger been accused for posting a racist kind of entry. Putera MIC has lodged a police report against the blog, which is claimed to bring up an issue of racism and hatred against malaysian indians that provokes anger among indians. however, the blogger, who aptly  uses ” Pendekar Ramlee” as  a pen-name is believed to have removed the entry.


Hmmm..this is common; of bloggers being accused for provoking issues. it obviously shows that blogging plays a big role and gives such big impact to all walks of life. each and every entry does count in making sense to people. instead of expressing ideas and thoughts despite there are still subjects that must be considered and be wisely critisized. to me, there’s no wrong to put comments or to dispute certain figures but in proper way it shall be.


i prefer to remind myself not to be too frank nor to be too afraid. s0-s0 will make better. by all means expressing ideas gives no wrong but generally the way you put them into words does count.


After all this is what the bloggers have to face. it’s a challenge! do not stop us coz we dare enough to speak up and we simply take blogging as a real lust for life. huhu.. to “Pendekar Ramlee”, you must have had your own reasons for posting the issue, im sure. alas, just that your point of view might not necessarily be accepted by all..


p/S : i wish to read his entry.what is it exactly all about?…



4 responses to this post.

  1. woah…beware of what we might write then.
    hahaha. but ade je bloggers that we know yg harcore kn.
    well. kelakar la.dats y i rather not to post anything bout current issues or senstive one.people might use it against us. let alone bout my life. :D

  2. Posted by tomyamfan on January 31, 2009 at 23:18

    know them well :p

    btw im not sure of my blog itself.i find it kinda boring.lack of ideas….
    but 1 thing i am very sure, i love to write.heheh

  3. yeah u love to write i can see. but in my pov u write things which is somehow edu,err not really la tp serius2 issues.which is gud cus im no good in that. i love to write but act it is more to blab, unimportant n silly things.haha..

  4. Posted by tomyamfan on January 31, 2009 at 23:51

    serious thingy?? haha. cuz i hve no interesting life stories to share.plain plain~

    hmmm i think i shud do some reflection upon myself n my blog. tke some time.

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