bribery goes rampantly!

Again, i got something running on my head. since i seldom have chance to speak up so i just end up writing down…

Looking at malaysia’s today scenario it somehow drives me to upper level of worry. over years and years there are always investigation on corruption said to be carried out. the matter of fact is, have investigations on graft issues thoroughly done?

After going through several papers of today, all i can say corruption in malaysia becomes  too rampant though it is not as serious as the way it is in philipines or vietnam yet still it has to be prevented. to me myself i prefer to say serious condition of graft in our country is due to countrymen itself. it’s all about addiction and a bad habit more than an act of desperation. it’s a matter of ” i have money so i can settle everything on my hand”.  if people have this kind of perception, it’s possible that they may be practising it well.

Let us take traffic offence for example. instead of just follow the rules and pay for their wrongdoings, most people prefer to settle the matter with the traffic officers, offer them some amount of money. see? both are in fault – the people themselves and the officers. yes, coz it takes two hands to clap!

Thus how corruption may be reduced? frankly speaking,the government policies! it should not concentrate too much on individual responsibility but tackle the problem on a wider scope. what i like most is about relevant actions currently taken by government in cleaning up UMNO corruption among its members. according to today’s NST, the bigwigs found to have used money to get votes would not be allowed to contest in the party elections. huhu..yes. alienate them,they deserve it okey!

I dont mean to be bias towards certain parties. it goes in equal to any other parties. for the sake of our own country they must not take it for granted but to seriously eradicate this ‘silent crime’. a thorough overhaul must also be looked forward to..

Do it, coz i am deeply concerned about this issue. to create awareness among malaysians on the evils of bribe, i think an oath should be taken here.

Follow me, shout aloud..

“We will neither give bribe to anyone for material gains nor will accept bribe!!!!!!!!”

:) :)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mizzfeena on January 27, 2009 at 20:29

    no comment..the big boys stuff are always hard to understand..

  2. Posted by tomyamfan on January 28, 2009 at 18:38

    tau xpe.

    ak juz geram kt masyrakat yg ske suap2 neh

    nyampah tol

    ak yg papa xde duit nie jd mangsa


  3. haha. well wat to do? wateve others do they always somebody who gonna b d victim.ssh kn.

  4. Posted by tomyamfan on January 28, 2009 at 23:45

    n i am so much affected!!

    ** tetibe je emo.hehe**

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