Health Campaign – love ourselves!

due to my not-really-well condition these few days i learned to cherish each and every single moment in life – especially the moment i am gifted pleasure of good health.

having bad fever for few days in a week and not yet well recovered, i now learn to love myself, to take serious care of my body, in and out – physically,emotionally,mentally..

you know it is very pathetic to go through days laying on bed, having diverse medicine to reckon with, and what’s more to see doctors again and again. so here i decide to organise a health campaign (sort of repentance =p) encouraging people to love themselves, to take serious care about health of our bodies.

at the time being i am not yet sure how i gonna work this campaign. plus celcom broadband service is currently in very very very poor condition (probably due to less signal in my room) that it wont help me much in finding ideas so as to update the contents. thus for this time round i just plan to divulge some info which i think people should not take for granted.


drink a lot of water – water helps to soften waste material in the gut. avoiding dry skin as well

not to cry so often –  so that you wont suffer eye problem, itching or eye redness

use mosquitoes prevention at night – avoiding diseases caused by mosquitoes (cikungunya esp =p )

do regular exercises – i bet you wont face muscle and joint pain as i do.

do not dawdle over meals – healthy serving of breakfast cereals will take you through to the next meal.



**other inputs will be updated time to time**







2 responses to this post.

  1. poor u have to suffer thru bad condition at early school.get well!!
    not to cry so often, hell yeah!!haha. y suffer urself by being stupid kn? and make sure u have ur proper meal. din have to diet okeh babe?
    anyway i just realised u change ur blog name. heheh

  2. Posted by tomyamfan on January 11, 2009 at 12:57

    due to crying a lot for 7 months non stop now i hve to suffer eye problem and itching. aint it stupid n silly?? hahaha!

    proper meal – yesss. dun need to go on diet. and i dun mind gaining weight if it could set me healthy

    new blog title – will be updated time to time kot..hehe

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