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i just love thiS

no idea. juz love this..



again,Math & Science…what is at the end?

love teaching

out of my busy days, thank God for i still be given chance to breathe freely again..alhamdulillah

got some free time – instead of checking over my emails i once surfed The Star Online Malaysia news and what i found was kinda interesting. again, of teaching and learning math and science in english.

reading this one article made myself got tied in knots.though this is a common underlying issue that being argued long ago still it drives me something. i don’t know. no idea of why i am too bound up in this issue. for sure, when it comes to the matter of education and students, i am very much concerned. ( hehe.recently discovered in myself )

to make it short, according to an article from the star online, here are seven proposals summarised from four roundtables organised by the education ministry;

7 proposals:

~ Stick to Mathematics and Science in English;

~ Revert to Bahasa Malaysia;

~ Let primary schools teach both subjects in the mother tongue and secondary schools use English;

~ Let primary schools decide for themselves;

~ Mathematics and Science be taught in Bahasa Malaysia and mother tongue for Years One to Three and in English from Year Four onwards;

~ A combination of mother tongue in the first three years and a choice of mother tongue or English after that; and

~ The two subjects will not be taught in Years One to Three and instead be integrated into other subjects.

( dont u think some are ridiculous at the first place?..)

after the discussion, the ministry people were said to study the proposals and submit the ministry’s findings to the cabinet for a decision. (the article was written on 16th of dec 08)

this is okay, but the matter of fact is, when is it to be settled? there is about two more weeks to go before the schooling days start and so far there is no exact decision made. (or do i miss any latest news regarding this?)

one more subject to be pondered ; months ago i got wind from some very reliable source telling that new school text books for both math and science subjects have been distributed to schools. and guess what? it’s in Bahasa. so, what are the roundtable and those so-called wise proposals for? are they still relevant? or is this just an artificial political drama?? opppsss!..

i didnt mean to blame any party, neither the government nor the society. this is my poor thought,i know – has no value to dispute. yet as a teacher -to- be who is trained to love education profession and to do care of children’s future, i think this issue must quickly be solved. practicing democracy somehow wont bring any benefit in certain cases. the experts need to stand up,speak up and come up with the best decision.

do consider all sides – the children who are goin to go through the lesson, the teachers who run the lesson, and the country’s future. all are related. :idea:

cooking iS something

juz finished decorating stairs.. brideroom coming soon..

*hungry* – so went to the kitchen

i cooked

supper has already been taken. *full*

“what then for breakfast tomorrow?” …..


as im at home i do cook. sometimes i do due to my mom keeps babbling, sometimes i do it bcoz i want to..

oopSs..i didnt mean that i am very good at cooking. no. i am not a good cook, i admit. seriously.. yet i enjoy cookin at home for i know i would really miss to cook when i am in hostel since cooking is not allowed in IPPM. huishhh wut a mean!~

it doesnt matter if your cook is not good enough but the real point is that once you serve people,you’re nourishing them with your food :) nyum nyum~

dont find cooking to be a tedious process but look at it as a chance to relax a little. best of all, when the cooking is all done and over with, you’ll have something good to eat. tastier food awaits you. (Gordon Davidescu,2001)

gender doesn’t count. both male and female can make a good cook. yes. no jokes. my brothers can cook better than i do.

i got some friends who love being in the kitchen.. mek wanie,she’s totally good at cooking. fadh, she’s a living bakery i shud say :P and mayysara, she’s expert at making onde-onde

(some names are not mentioned but i know they are good indeed )

yesss. i would miss cooking once i go back to hostel. cooking is something!

since we are not allowed to cook we often need to dawdle over meals which is bad isn’t it? we got lack of food stalls n cafes there. :cry:

*** if only we were allowed to cook, i wouldnt be empty in morning class *** :???:

blog award~

lately i am too busy working on the preparation for my bro’s wed and i got less time to surf. anyway i still do sit in front of my baby lappy whenever i got free time and one thing i surely do is to go through others’ blogs.  they are all splendid, various topics being issued, and some of their posts do rock my mind.

thus i finally decided to award them for making my days. my holidays are spent by reading their magnificent posts and entries. i got many blogs in my list to award yet i am limited to only 5. so nxt time i wish i could award all of u guys. your blogs are all great!

here are 5 blogs which i love most. you deserve this award. congratz! :grin:

blogs that make my day

faidhi mazlam he’s my brother. his posts are informative enough though he seldom updates his blog. i know he is too busy to do that ( this is how medic students are.understood ). i award him definitely not because he makes my bro, but i just love to read his posts for they are all facts. my confusion always ends here and i’ll be waiting for his new entry. congratz idi. u literally deserve this award!

kayne yusof she’s a friend of mine. ex-schoolmate. she starts blogging long ago and is pretty diligent updating hers. i often go through her blog even since before i created mine. it makes my day! so dear, you derserve this award. congratz!

bro adha – superb. full of information seriously. do visit his blog once and u’ll find it true. to bro adha, thx for serving me with those information and motivation. my pleasure to award you. well done :)

hanzahar – he’s my new friend, a singaporean but he loves malaysia very much. heee. his blog is full with concrete ideas and facts though sometimes there are some written emotionally. hehe. frankly speaking,i seldom leave comment at his page cuz i think his posts are too good to be commented. yepss i love reading his. mr azhar hanzahar hafiz, this award proudly goes to you :) congratulation!

aqma pinkysplash9 – she’s my classmate. some said we are twins.look alike.haha. :P she’s new in blogging yet she seems to be industrious in updating her blog. i learned quite a lot from her social experiences through her posts. we discussed so many things in less than two months. thx! plus she’s the one who always leaves comments at my page. haha. soOoo love reading..:) miss aqma pinkysplash9, i am absolutely delighted to award you. congratz!

thx for making my day!~~

truth,cry,and lie

-this post is specially dedicated to dearie aqma pinkysplash9

well dear,i noe u r in a bit tense.being rocked by a nonsense phonecall,revealing evrything that sumhow drove u mad.but i noe u r juz cool with it.aint u? eheh. yes,u shall be.

so here i post u this lyric. truth,cry,and lie : by letto. i luv this song cuz it  makes my day. as i went through great sorrow along 2008 God knows how hard i got to rise again the moment i fell,and the moment i lost a part of me. anyway lyke it or not life must go on. juz wait till there comes the dawn :)

credits 2 miss aqma. come on. u got ur own pinky days! 8-)

p/S : im not sure if the lyric brings u any feel, but to me it does. cuz this is what basically my past was.more or less..huu


A red rose cheeks
A drop of tear to weep
Reminds me of you.
A long side a sigh
A long side of cry

A soft summer rain, a smile that hides a pain
Why should you be ashamed
Cause in every life.
A little rain must fall

And you are my friend
Charmingly sentimental brain
There’s truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
On every word that comes out strong
Just let them go and lets get along

On every grudge and every fight
I miss u all day and night
Have you had your time off today
To bring a cup of tea and smile away

Sometimes I wonder
Will ever see you
Without all your game plan
When all you have is
Nothing but a pure bliss

I will wait that day
When you can find your way
Out of this maze of love
And you can laugh
To see cries and lies
Coz u know better than me
Only the truth will set you free

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
On every thought that come out wrong
Just learn from it and please stay strong

On every grudge and every fight
I miss u all day and night
It’s not easy to understand
But you must hold on you stand

I know u know, u know i know

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
On every thought that come out wrong
Just learn from it and please stay strong

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
There’s a hope on every fright
There’s a light on every night

before i sLeep..

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini





..etiey says in worry..


before i sleep

there are promises i need to keep

there are dreams i’ll work in deep

before He turns off the light

i know i need to fight

before i lose my sight

my desire it shall be right

dear God, here goes my peep

listen to me though i might be your creep

there’s one pillar i promise to keep

to please only You, before i sleep…





















**the moment i feel so worried..

(dear Almighty, i seek for the pleasure of good health~)

**big prayer for my cousin who’s struggling hard against coma. get well soon.. plss.. :( :-(

MONEY – who ever cares??

RM 50

Everyone wants MONEY.everything needs money. and we seem to get in touch with money almost every day.even for entire life.. but do we ever care what is on money itself? i mean the graphics edited on money – both coins and paper notes. what they are actually edited for?

i myself have never been bothered about it until this morning when i opened my purse to take some money out. i took out a red note and only then i noticed the images. there are a train, a plane, and a cruiser.

(anybody who has memorized all graphics?…) huhu

after i went through all notes ( from the very first RM 1 up to RM 1OOO), all i can say there is something people need to know. ( i am talking about Ringgit Malaysia, RM ). the images on the notes somehow symbolise ‘something’ that shows how unfair malaysian politics is.huhu. the more the value is, the greater the symbols are,the richer they refer to!

however i am not going to state anything here yet you better figure those out yourselves. what the graphics actually symbolize? anyway it depends on one’s thought and interpretation. this is where “literature” takes place. my mind which has been influenced enough by Roger Mcgough came out with something negative! huhu

for those who are penny-pinching they might be excused for not noticing this matter but for those who are big spenders, you can’t leave this out on the pretext not to be so used to money. ain’t it absurd?

again the issue is being we ever care about images symbolized to each coin and note? have we ever noticed what they are instead of withdrawing them, spending for PRIMAVERA, CLEO or perhaps McFlurry? hohoho

chiding myself! – how vain i am,for never noticing them while i spend money everyday..haishh

“By the way,does it matter?”

“Yes, it does!”

p/S : new design of RM 50 notes have been published and will be officially introduced on 26th Dec 2008. there are “KLCC and KL tour” edited as symbols. (am i concerned enough?)  :P