Blogging; wut sAy u?

::hOme via technoLogy::

at the 1st place i thot that blogging was particularly ridiculous but over the last few months some of my frens hve introduced me to a world i hardly knew existed, even a year ago. and recently, the technology director taught me how to explore a world of thoughts and ideas. after a while, im about into blogging,starting to create my own cottage of words and behind this blogging activity there goes a strong goal- to enhance my writing skills.

however there are some belief which says that anyone who has time to blog musn’t be working very hard,wasting time but fer me, maintaining a blog and keeping it up to date by linking to other people’s blogs, aint it hard work? im sure that different people wud have different points of view when it comes to the aims and purposes..due to that, i decided to carry out a survey, exploring the way people think about this.

let us now see how others hit upon the issue ;



blogging is a good hobby
it enhances our language and writing skill
it makes us think over issues more critically and from more angles instead of just jumping into conclusions
it is a platform for us to express our ideas, thought, feelings and more. not everybody gets a chance to be featured in a newspaper to say something.
and another thing, it is a medium to stay in touch. we’d be updated about our friends simply by reading their stories through these blogspots =]

shikin, student

bloging ni mcm menjadi tempat utk kita luahkan pendapat kita dan utk dibaca dan difahami olh org lain..ada org buat blog utk ceritakan pasal kisah hdp dia saje..manakala ada yg tulis blog utk berikan pendapt tentang isu2 semasa..kadang2,melalui pembacaan blog,kita akan mempengerahi dan akan dipengaruhi oleh hasil tangan penulisannya..kadang2,penulis blog yg tidak sensitif,akan menyebabkan negara menjadi kucar kacir..itulah bhayanya blog..dalam dunia yg tanpa sempadan ini,kita perlu peka dan sensitif terhadap isu2 yg telah difahami kesensitifannya..janagan duk main tulis saja..negara yg aman damai pasti akan bergolak..bak kata pepatah…hujung mata pena dapat membunuh lebih ramai org daripada hjng mata pisau..

apih, student

to let you know, soon as i learn about making money with my blog i rejected some job opportunities because of my addiction to blogging.i found blogging more valuable than those jobs. here i really enjoy searching for topics, writing posts and at the same time receiving income from the ads published on my blogs.

Selaplana, online money maker

blog for me is not so gut meaning..because..if u GO to the BLOG..u become a stupid girl. (goblog – bodoh) – indonesian say!!

Mechatronic/GPS Jr. Engineer / freelance photographer

blogging: satu cara utk membuang masa, berkongsi rasa, bertukarcerita.



if u dun mind to share anything bout ur life,ready to hear nasty comments from others then go for it. remember not every people in this whole entire world can accept who we are.blogging is basically a place to throw our thought and being open almost about anything w/o for myself,ive been thinking hard whether to have one since its lyke a trend in this so-internet-world.but why we have to be so trendy n up-to-date if we are not so sure what it is offense,but most of the people nowadays make their own blog to be famous n boast about themselves.instead of that there are also a few friend of mine who use blog to earn money.they sold used/new stuff.e.g clothes,handbags,perfumes,gadget etc.i think its kinda great tho.n at d same tyme provide u with xtra moneyyyy.after all its depend on how the individu itself use the blog for.



Blogging… Fast and easy way to share ideas, informations & news, just with one click.


Web Developer…

it’s sometg good..

a place for me to say things out of my head….

a place for me to share things that i got…


teacher to be/ipp…/… inggu/

For me, blogging is juz a way to express my feeling on sumthing or sumone,

I like writing, so i used my blog as medium to write up my words.


quantity surveyor

Blogging is mOney,moNey,and MoneY

mark jean


oo blogging wut say u..
mm..komen saya ialah, penggunaan bahasa tu salah tu..
‘u’ tidak membawa maksud dlm pepatah itu..
saya cadangkan tukar ‘u’ kepada ‘you’ yang membawa erti ‘anda’ dalam konteks ayat itu


pegawai teknologi maklumat

Blogging???mmm…it’s good n the best way..can be used 4 so many me I used it to promote my business aka online entrepreneur…very effective n convenient


i aint a blogger
in my entire life i only wrote one blog entry
n that was daym foolish
well, i guess i had nothing to write
and i bet nobody would bother to read mine
so i couldnt care less bout blogging
well i’m aware that many of my friends are very active in blogging
they are like..publishing their life story through the web
maybe they have great life n so much to write..n plenty of time too
i read ppl’s blog
sometimes they r inspiring
a good read too i guess
but blogging is exactly not me
maybe i’m not 24/7 connected to the internet so i dont have time for that
i’m pretty sure if i had one,i might make a fool of myself
well thats my piece of mind


**(other responses would b updated time to time)

afterall,its too subjective.every coin has two sides..depends on how you see it as..



11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pinkysplash9 on November 26, 2008 at 13:01

    ouhhh im so touch to see my respons there.

  2. Posted by pinkysplash9 on November 26, 2008 at 22:56

    guess what.
    i have one now!!! :P
    do check me out.

  3. Posted by tomyamfan on November 27, 2008 at 21:27

    thx 4 ur response then =)
    its done juz 2 see how ppl hit upon tiS

  4. hey etiey..
    link ku salah di situ,
    tidak kah kamu sedari itu?


  5. Posted by tomyamfan on December 2, 2008 at 12:34

    ouh yeke?
    ku hnya mengcopy paste dr respon anda huhu
    kesilapan teknikal barangkali
    how shud it b then?

  6. piat kang!
    ce klik tgk jadi gane..
    xkesah pun..
    saje je nk mncapub kat belog nih..
    ramai tol gune theme nih..

  7. Posted by tomyamfan on December 2, 2008 at 17:50

    xtau dh nk edit gane
    stil jd gtu
    xpela yep? =p

    btw,theme ni je cm besh sket..

  8. I think if you wane make blogging as a medium to enhance your skill in writing you should start to use proper english q=

    yea grammar and spellings hehe…

    1 thing sucks about wordpress is,you can’t add much like chatbox or so…no much room to play and customise which I think sucks,besides have you read TOS of wordpress?

    you better becareful of what you tho…

  9. Posted by tomyamfan on December 2, 2008 at 21:30 always lookin 4wrd to improving it.however using sort of short forms n cyber terms wud alweys b my luved-to-do =p thx 4 it btw.

    wordpress? yes its not tat gud.kinda plain and sumthing~~~~~


  10. Posted by eqah lawo on December 11, 2008 at 01:24

    aku x dop blog lgsung..

  11. Posted by tomyamfan on December 11, 2008 at 21:22

    dh wt r se
    ak link mu
    jgn bmbg..

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