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big LosS – a tribute to late Deputy Education Minister

<<an ancHor is in memory>>

-an anchor in memOry-

last two days around 7.15 pm when i was about to perform maghrib prayer, i was told by my father that the deputy education minister, Dato’ Razali Ismail has juz passed away. i was kinda shocked for i was juz planning to surf about the progress of MPPD (as written in my previous post), and, it was his idea.

it was told that he died while playing badminton at the aminuddin baki institute (IAB) in genting highlands on 28th of november. great condolence to the whole family…

basically, he had previously served as the director of institut perguruan kuala terengganu (IPKT),terengganu education director and the director of the ministry’s teacher education division (BPG). he was also previously the chairman of PTPTN.

well the death is a big loss i shud say. i didnt know him very well yet i highly admire him personally. he was a committed individual who was passionate about education and he had inspired over million people from all walks of life – of how education brings impact to the entire world. he tried so hard to bring education profession into the eyes of the world. wut matters more,i do admire every single word came up from him, too, how his sayings hve instantly instilled a spirit of being an educator in me.

i’d like to quote this from his speech, when he last spoke at wisma darul iman 13 days ago.

“ bila adanya sesuatu kematian, ramai yg kata kematian itu satu kehilangan yang besar. namun sebenarnya kehilangan yg besar bukanlah satu kematian, tp kegagalan seorg guru utk mencungkil potensi yg ada dlm diri setiap individu tersebut..’

still, he’s a big loss i must say.. an anchor who’s literally exhilarated by his job, his profession..and it cant be denied that a true educator has juz gone..

may Allah bless him. ALFATIHAH….


Blogging; wut sAy u?

::hOme via technoLogy::

at the 1st place i thot that blogging was particularly ridiculous but over the last few months some of my frens hve introduced me to a world i hardly knew existed, even a year ago. and recently, the technology director taught me how to explore a world of thoughts and ideas. after a while, im about into blogging,starting to create my own cottage of words and behind this blogging activity there goes a strong goal- to enhance my writing skills.

however there are some belief which says that anyone who has time to blog musn’t be working very hard,wasting time but fer me, maintaining a blog and keeping it up to date by linking to other people’s blogs, aint it hard work? im sure that different people wud have different points of view when it comes to the aims and purposes..due to that, i decided to carry out a survey, exploring the way people think about this.

let us now see how others hit upon the issue ;



blogging is a good hobby
it enhances our language and writing skill
it makes us think over issues more critically and from more angles instead of just jumping into conclusions
it is a platform for us to express our ideas, thought, feelings and more. not everybody gets a chance to be featured in a newspaper to say something.
and another thing, it is a medium to stay in touch. we’d be updated about our friends simply by reading their stories through these blogspots =]

shikin, student

bloging ni mcm menjadi tempat utk kita luahkan pendapat kita dan utk dibaca dan difahami olh org lain..ada org buat blog utk ceritakan pasal kisah hdp dia saje..manakala ada yg tulis blog utk berikan pendapt tentang isu2 semasa..kadang2,melalui pembacaan blog,kita akan mempengerahi dan akan dipengaruhi oleh hasil tangan penulisannya..kadang2,penulis blog yg tidak sensitif,akan menyebabkan negara menjadi kucar kacir..itulah bhayanya blog..dalam dunia yg tanpa sempadan ini,kita perlu peka dan sensitif terhadap isu2 yg telah difahami kesensitifannya..janagan duk main tulis saja..negara yg aman damai pasti akan bergolak..bak kata pepatah…hujung mata pena dapat membunuh lebih ramai org daripada hjng mata pisau..

apih, student

to let you know, soon as i learn about making money with my blog i rejected some job opportunities because of my addiction to blogging.i found blogging more valuable than those jobs. here i really enjoy searching for topics, writing posts and at the same time receiving income from the ads published on my blogs.

Selaplana, online money maker

blog for me is not so gut meaning..because..if u GO to the BLOG..u become a stupid girl. (goblog – bodoh) – indonesian say!!

Mechatronic/GPS Jr. Engineer / freelance photographer

blogging: satu cara utk membuang masa, berkongsi rasa, bertukarcerita.



if u dun mind to share anything bout ur life,ready to hear nasty comments from others then go for it. remember not every people in this whole entire world can accept who we are.blogging is basically a place to throw our thought and being open almost about anything w/o for myself,ive been thinking hard whether to have one since its lyke a trend in this so-internet-world.but why we have to be so trendy n up-to-date if we are not so sure what it is offense,but most of the people nowadays make their own blog to be famous n boast about themselves.instead of that there are also a few friend of mine who use blog to earn money.they sold used/new stuff.e.g clothes,handbags,perfumes,gadget etc.i think its kinda great tho.n at d same tyme provide u with xtra moneyyyy.after all its depend on how the individu itself use the blog for.



Blogging… Fast and easy way to share ideas, informations & news, just with one click.


Web Developer…

it’s sometg good..

a place for me to say things out of my head….

a place for me to share things that i got…


teacher to be/ipp…/… inggu/

For me, blogging is juz a way to express my feeling on sumthing or sumone,

I like writing, so i used my blog as medium to write up my words.


quantity surveyor

Blogging is mOney,moNey,and MoneY

mark jean


oo blogging wut say u..
mm..komen saya ialah, penggunaan bahasa tu salah tu..
‘u’ tidak membawa maksud dlm pepatah itu..
saya cadangkan tukar ‘u’ kepada ‘you’ yang membawa erti ‘anda’ dalam konteks ayat itu


pegawai teknologi maklumat

Blogging???mmm…it’s good n the best way..can be used 4 so many me I used it to promote my business aka online entrepreneur…very effective n convenient


i aint a blogger
in my entire life i only wrote one blog entry
n that was daym foolish
well, i guess i had nothing to write
and i bet nobody would bother to read mine
so i couldnt care less bout blogging
well i’m aware that many of my friends are very active in blogging
they are like..publishing their life story through the web
maybe they have great life n so much to write..n plenty of time too
i read ppl’s blog
sometimes they r inspiring
a good read too i guess
but blogging is exactly not me
maybe i’m not 24/7 connected to the internet so i dont have time for that
i’m pretty sure if i had one,i might make a fool of myself
well thats my piece of mind


**(other responses would b updated time to time)

afterall,its too subjective.every coin has two sides..depends on how you see it as..


iF i weRe 2 be sOrt of a rEcluse…




nothing else hides the sky frm the house,not another roof or tree. standing away from the sunlight that enters the windows freely, i look for signs of rain,for a shower to wet the earth. i walk to another room, my lonely mind trying to remember those who r not here. i walk frm room to room until im back in da room facing the bushes. im always afraid of wut wud happen to me next. at nite, unable to sleep, i listen for sounds of someone knocking,trying to enter the room of heart as tho the house must really be filled. there’s nothing in this house, no radio, no newspapers, or even a phone. no way of knowing anything except the tyme of day by the sun. there’s too, nothing in heart. juz empty..

i then cry the locked-away tears which burst out as soon as i find my self in a dark lonely nite. i hug myself tight as if nothing matters then, not even death. hey you, where are u? im here alone, nobody to talk to…. it cant be denied that im a girl who strongly believes in myself but this kind of loneliness causes my heart to beat rapidly. somehow deep inside i shall tell myself that this strong feeling, it must be thought of, agreed upon, if there’s to be fated that im all alone then it is. strength must always be there!

i lay down on a mat, close my eyes….

mom, say that whenever i want you, u wud b there. and now God knows how much i need you. i wud find u in the words and rhythm of songs that i sing, in the ABCs that i write, in the sketches that i draw, and in the sand castle that i luv to build. you said that u wud be right here……

sigh~ im all alone..

the light switch has been turned on and the house is awashed wit light. i open my eyes and see mom..and my sis-next to me,soundly asleep. sighing again~ yes they are here..thank God, for the pleasure of people i hve in life,to help me standing still on a road that keeps winding up and down..

having such splendid family members and surrounded by wonderful buddies of mine, wut else should i seek for? All praise be to You…

frm here i noe im not all alone. someone up there is looking after me, protecting me up above the sky..n still, He gifts me bliss to appreciate. losing a precious one doesn’t mean u lose everything. loneliness is still there ,deep in ur heart,no matter how many times you cut ur hair short, nor how hard u try to fake your smile.but life does serve everything tat will keep u smiling. treasure them! =)

-inspired by Gerson Poyk, A Thousand Lonely Nights.

“why war separates me from my beloved wife and unborn child. That was the first really lonely night. Grow up my daughter,at least in my heart..”

towards generating intellectuals

few days ago i was lucky enuff 2 hve a chance to attend an ocassion – a seminar organised by Ministry of Education – ‘Majlis Permuafakatan Pendidikan Daerah’ (MPPD)- launched by Deputy Minister of Education, Dato’ Razali Ismail at Wisma Darul Iman Kuala Terengganu.

well, what is the ocassion all about? tho it’s not clearly shown by its name, MPPD, dont simply patronize the organizer. being told further bout the aim and objective of the programme, it juz impressed me and all i can say most of 600 audiences nodded their heads, finding that this kind of programme is really2 beneficial indeed.

let’s see wut it brings to us… MPPD is actually held to get people’s

kids of future

kids of future

participation in educating children. it lets people noe that educating children is not only put in teachers but also in all walks of life – lawyers,architects,doctors, and even butchers… big relief as people nowadys start to realise that children shud be exposed to environment outside the classrooms in order to have them establish their social relations as well as to get them into real life events. this wud help them much in facing hardships in future once they step out frm school. aren’t we glad to see them outwit others and compete?..

exposing them to curiosity, and letting them to discover all around; this is wut our education system trying to demonstrate. a new principle is about to be brought up to benefit da children. no more exam-oriented,where students are taught to answer exactly in order to achieve highest mark in exam, and no more rote learning, where teachers only focus on ‘chalk and talk’. it is, i grant u,extremely good indeed and to make it true all must work together; appropriate actions must be taken time to time so that the progress will be well synchronized..

come on all walks of life..join us teachers educate our kids,to hve them sort of ‘burly’ attitude,no longer with children who remain seated under the umbrella while its raining but those who bravely get out facing great thunder.

as mentioned by YAB Dato’ in his speech,there are 3 main keys to work on this programme;




“keeping together is progress, working together is success”

for the sake of our future generation let us wake up, widely open eyes.towards achieveing global excellence brilliant thoughts and ideas must be synthesized and it begins with a single step of bravery….hold firm to this..

*words for thot*

...into writing

# i shall start once again here..hope tis will remain updated time to time =)

# tiS cottage of words wud b evrything;words & lettering used 2 express all

# always seek for pleasure of flowing ideas so tat it wont seem 2 be damn silly being exposed to da world

# some said a word is dead once its written but fer me it has juz started n will remain alive as words are actually a talking soul…

# it gonna start here again afterall~